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5 Most Deadly Adwords Mistakes To Be Corrected On Priority

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Google Adwords is known to be the best PPC online advertising service that places ads with the list of search results. The placement of the ads mainly depends on the relevancy of the search query and is determined by a proprietary algorithm formulated by Google. Although Google Adwords is the most efficient platform for digital marketing, it is also one of the most expensive services or platforms providing this service. Hence, one should get to know various tips and tricks to be used while marketing on Google platform so as to successfully conduct any marketing campaign.

Further below, we shall look into some tips that one should keep in mind in order make a successful campaign:

CPCPaying For Adwords

It is a well known fact that Google Adwords grant an organization $10,000 a month for advertising. This is mainly available for the non profit organizations as a support provided by Google to start their business and do effective advertising. However, what classifies as a non profit organization needs to be checked and if as per Google’s criteria, if a business can claim this fund, then one should ensure that the most is made out of this facility provided. One can use this money to fund the paid advertising of Google Adwords and get valuable conversions for one’s business.

Relevant Landing Page

A very important factor that one must keep in mind is the landing page that a viewer is directed to once he has clicked on an advertisement. It should be doubly made sure that the landing page is relevant to the advertisement that the viewer has clicked. If the viewer is directed to a page which has no relevance to the advertisement, it is quite obvious that the viewer will lose interest and leave the page. This can lead to a situation of zero conversions happening thereby leading to loss of business revenue. Also, the money allocated as the advertising budget will get wasted in serving incorrect clicks. For example, if the marketer gives an advertisement for Reebok Shoes, however, after clicking the advertisement, the viewer lands up on a page showing “Western wear for Women”, the viewer will be completely let down and will not ever return. It will also be a waste of money allocated to the CPC of the Ad.

Using Multiple Ads

As the famous saying goes, “do not put all your eggs in the same basket”, one should not rely on only one advertisement for making a successful SEM campaign. An ad group should contain at least 2 ads, which should be monitored on a regular basis. The performance of these advertisements should be tracked daily to check the performance of each. The one which performs better and gives good results should be retained and the one which does not show any promise should be further improved or removed. The amount of bid amount allocated to each advertisement should also be monitored. The ads which are doing well should be allocated a higher bid amount to get a good ROI.

LTK1Use Long Tail Keywords

In any PPC marketing campaign, one needs to also look out to use a list of general long tail keywords relevant to a landing page. This list essentially comprises of keywords which do not form a perfect match, but are broadly related to the website content. These so called long tail keywords are more likely to get higher volume and quality traffic as compared to the competitive ones. So what are long tail keywords? As the name suggests, the keywords which are placed slightly away from the main central keyword list but still have high relevance to the search are called long tail keywords. Only using highly competitive keywords may not get the desired results. Also, these competitive keywords are very expensive. Going for the long tail keywords can bring in valuable traffic at a much cheaper rate. These keywords are more likely to be searched by the viewer as they contain more number of relevant terms used in the search query. There are a lot of tips one can use to get the most out of Long Tail keywords like inclusion and exclusion of certain keywords, using the Google search box to get more suggestions on the keywords list, using the search query report, etc.

contentQuality Content

A very important aspect which a lot of marketers do not pay attention to, is the quality of content on the website. Google does not give preference to websites which do not give good quality content. The ad rank of the advertisement is directly dependent on the quality score of the website. If the quality of the content on the website is not good, then the quality score will be low, which will in turn bring down the ad rank. Hence, one will need to bid a higher amount on the advertisement as compared to the situation wherein the quality of the content on the website is good. The factors that get affected by the quality of a website are as follows:

  • Higher CTR – As the quality of the content on the website increases, the Click through rate also increases.
  • Higher Quality Score – As the CTR increases, the quality score of the website increases
  • Higher Ad rank – As the quality score of the website increases, the Ad rank increases
  • Lower CPC rate – As the Ad rank increases, the Cost per Click rate decreases as Google finds the website relevant to send more traffic to the same at a cheaper cost.

To sum it up, there are various ways in which one can get to know of simple techniques that one can use to generate traffic to a website. By paying attention to some of the trivial mistakes that one might overlook, one saves a lot of money and get the most out of the Ad campaign at the best possible CPC rate.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      There are various ways to generate traffic towards website.By avoiding certain mistakes indicated in article surely one can get good result. Google adword is great platform to place advertisement. But to get good returns one must take care of content, keywords and landing page.

    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Google AdWords is a very powerful tool and it should be used appropriately. Using relevant content, directing the click to the appropriate landing page, using correct keywords etc will make the AdWords even more efficient. If the visitor is unable to find relevant content or dissatisfied, then the business would end up loosing prospective leads.

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