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5 Must Know Search Engine Optimization Techniques

5 Must Know Search Engine Optimization Techniques

SEO-TechniquesSEO (Search Engine optimization) is one of the most important and prominent terms in the field of digital marketing. No, one can deny the benefits of good SEO strategy. Along with the SEO strategy now companies are concentrating on the organic traffic for their businesses. Marketing people are shifting towards new era marketing techniques like inbound marketing to generate the organic traffic. The latest survey indicates that for B2B businesses almost 51% traffic is generated through the organic search. All the concepts of businesses in terms of location, employees,  countries are changing rapidly. So to synchro with this rapidly changing environment we also have to change our strategies. So, let us look around some interesting 2015 Search engine optimization strategies.

1) Audience mapping and competitive strategy

For deciding keywords for your website, it is important to study about the target audience, their requirements, and their problems. Another crucial factor while deciding keyword strategy is competitors behavior. Yes, it important to track down competitors progress, their keyword strategy as well. This quantitative data is useful in merging old marketing techniques into brand new techniques and segmenting audience. In short this data will help you in many ways as-

  • This will help you to identify new ways to tackle adjacent markets.
  • You will able yo discover new keywords to target with this data.
  • Learn and understand the audience expectations from the content. You can easily analyze what types of content perform well.
  • You are able to study and analyze competitors behavior. You are able to sort out where the competition is doing well, and where you can do better.

With this new quantitative data concept, the new SEO term is emerging known as “ Progressive SEO” which is the blend of technical, traditional and analytical marketing.

 2) Content Strategy

After understanding first strategy, it is easy to design content strategy. Content is the crucial part on the website.  Your content decides the further journey of your buyer. If it is interesting and user-specific then the buyer will move ahead in buyers cycle otherwise he will leave your website. So your content must be target specific, engaging, technical, inspiring and promoting. In short create content in such a way that it should be the blend of technical and creative content. For the successful the content strategy you should remember following steps.

1) Step-1

Always try to create content what your audience is looking for. Explain how your company can fulfill their expectations and solve their problem through your content. It can in the form of the blog, videos or webinars. Understand what matters to your target audience.

2) Step-2

Just creating target specific and quality content is not enough. You have to distribute it to your audience through proper distribution channels. Ultimately, it is important to reach towards your audience. For this, you have to take care of your search engine ranking. You have to maintain your ranking in the top list. By  creating proper keyword strategy, you can achieve this.

3) Step-3

Now implementing first 2 steps, it is time to maintain all your distribution channels and customers. There are various social media channels are present through which you can post your content and communicate with the target audience. Just posting content on distribution channels is not enough. You have to keep your information up-to-date on these channels and try to answer every query of your audience. This will create a positive image about you and your company.

3) Mobile SEO strategy

Nowadays on an average almost every person has mobile. Almost 70% mobile users are using the smart phone, tablets, etc. Latest survey shows that total digital media time spent is increased by 50% to 60% as compared to the last year figures. Flipkart and Snapdeal  India’s two big e-commerce giants recently launched apps for their customers where they can buy in more convenient ways. Due to advent use of a smartphone and tablets desktops are lagging behind in the race of user time spent. So if you want to stay ahead in the market then create your website mobile friendly and mobile SEO friendly. While deciding SEO strategy for your website, creating a mobile site should be at the core of any solid SEO plan in 2015. But make sure that its functioning and configuration is perfect. Otherwise, it may result in losing organic traffic.

4) Measurement and Reporting strategy

Yes, it is important to measure your performance on the basis of various factors. Such as SEO strategy, your efforts, SEO budget and result you are getting through it. It is necessary to find out your poorly performing area and strongly performing areas. So that you can decide further strategy. There are various analytical tools are available to measure your performance on various factors. Google Analytics is the renown name in this list.

Reporting is not any complex term. Reporting means just simplify the data  and work to uncover the right information via structured data sources. The main goal of reporting is to identify the KPIs that truly matter to prove marketing efforts and obtaining the technology that can pull data from various sources into one platform. It will provide real insight in performance.

5) Integrate SEO data

Often in many companies data is not integrated with different departments like sales, marketing, research, and development, etc. Don’t forget all these departments are working to achieve same goal. So all this important analytical data which you get from Google, kensho must be shared with all departments. Communication in between the departments about their future strategy, failures, success, research is must for the better result.

According to me these are 2015 top 5 SEO (search engine optimization) techniques which can really alter the ROI picture. What you are implementing in your business? Please, feel free to share with me.

Image Credit: Seo company USA

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    LSingh SEO   /   Reply

    Hey Shital… You actually put so much information on your single post only which covers actually all seo techniques which are working like a sure shot bullet for seo specialists.

    I think If I follow all mentioned describe seo tips then no one can stop me to become successful in seo for my blog. Thanks for your amazing work.

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