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5 Must Use SEO Tools Available At Zero Cost

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SEO tools are bread and butter for an online marketers and there are bunch of them available today and that too at free cost. So, do you think anyone would provide you a free tool without charging anything? The answer is a straight and obvious – No. Let’s think for a moment why marketers provide free tools. We often encounter leads, which are looking for some information on the website and they are fed by the free information provided by sites. This is usually in terms of a pdf or a blog and then, there are services available only once you pay the premium (money).

However, there are number of tools available at no extra cost. Truely awesome, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at five such free SEO tools to charge up your online marketing activities.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Keyword Planner
  3. MozBar
  4. Woorank
  5. SEO workers Analysis tool
Google Analytics

All our marketing efforts on internet as well as traditional front require numbers at the end of the day. Why so? Because we need to analyze and understand where we stand by measuring key performance indicators. These indicators are the measures to evaluate the performance, which can be evaluated through return on investment, click through rate, cost per action, bounce rate, conversion rate, pageviews etc.  Google Analytics finds all such answers by providing comprehensive options to mull over all the data collected. It provides reporting by iterations of different parameters important for the measurement.

A typical Google Analytics report would include all the KPIs to look back and see which are the fail points and areas we can work on. All the sources of data, such as referral traffic, geographic locations of the users etc. are made available by taking a look at the audience report. Another feature is the mobile section which helps us determine the devices users have been using, that further helps us in taking strategic decisions to cater to the needs of target audience. It is absolutely a remarkable tool for every online marketer. This is how it looks like:GA

Keyword Planner:

Everything starts here, no discussion of SEM or SEO is complete without the ubiquitous Google keyword planner, earlier called as the keyword tool. Just as keyword search is important, using this tool is indispensable. There are couple of things we can do with this tool. Some of the key features are:

  • Get keyword ideas
  • Multiply keywords
  • Search volumes for a keyword
  • Traffic forecastsKeyword Research - City filter

When we dig in deeper, there are plethora of options we can utilize for maximizing the use of this tool. If you are doing SEO at local level, there is an option to target a specific location for keyword ideas. We can even get estimates per single click and accordingly adjust our budgets. Besides that, we can do a competitive research to find the number of searches for a keyword as it would display the average monthly searches. It all bogs down to the user that how to make the best use of it.


MozBar has gained popularity in recent times, another highly recommended website analyzer, which provides a great deal of information by installing a toolbar. Once installed, you will get to see the live data on every website you browse. The toolbar highlights couple of things for the website. The primary information provided include:

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Subdomain
  • Links

Source –

MozBar is a master tool for those who only subscribe for it and thus, leaves us an option. Its key categories are:

  1. Page elements
  2. Page attributes
  3. Link data

Each category has set of parameters to show for the website. Page elements would contain on-page SEO information such as, the URL, page title, meta keywords & h1 tag. The page attributes category would have the background data such as meta robots, rel=’canonical’, page load time and internal links.

Link data would contain the ranking factors like domain authority, page authority, MozRank and root domains. This tool is really helpful when we compare the domain and page authorities between websites.


Another outstanding tool to use is Woorank, a website analyzer which is available for free, but the information it extracts is of phenomenal use. Let’s take a look:woo

It’s simply amazing because when we scroll down it strips the website of all the relevant information we look forward to in a website. For example, it shows the keyword density and the tags used on the site page we have provided. In fact, all the SEO related information like backlinks counter, in page links, images, indexed pages and even presence of blog on the website.

Here is another screenshot:


Another laudable feature is its mobile section, which displays the mobile rendering as well the desktop version of the website display. We can even see the loading time of the website, absolutely outstanding feature to use.


It doesn’t end here, there are other parameters on usability as well such as, Woorank would show the technology used behind the website development and finally few speed tips that might speed up your page view.

SEOWorkers Analysis tool

Last but not the least, SEOWorkers analysis tool is freely available to generate report on any website. A typical page would like this:SEOworkers tool

Again, the information you get is comprehensive and that too is extracted in few seconds. SEOWorkers tool has categorized the data in various sections, these are:

  • HTTP headers check
  • Meta tags analysis
  • Keyword relevancy
  • URLs
  • Keywords found in anchor text
  • Keywords found in ‘alt’ tags
  • Heading elements

All you have to do is submit the URL of your website and answer a simple question like – ‘What is the next whole number after three?’ Once you are through, it takes few seconds to retrieve the information.

The categories are further segmented into more details, with each category providing detailed analysis. For example, under header and phrase elements, it provides a list of number of words under h1, h2, h3, or h4 tags. It also shows it viewer’s videos by Google’s key man Matt Cutts, explaining the ideal way of using these parameters, an added juice for the takers.

Hence, there are couple of really good SEO tools available online to help you boost your marketing campaigns. To get the behind the scenes detail as well as best techniques to be employed, these are worth a try.

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