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5 PPC Tips For Google Adwords For Ecommerce Industry

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PPC strategy for e-commerce users can be overwhelming; especially when there are millions of keywords you’re managing within hundreds of thousands of campaigns. And, although revamping campaigns and creative strategy sounds like an attractive way to drive clicks and boost conversions, this is a highly time-consuming task.  Today, I’ll walk you through 5 easy-to-implement PPC strategies that will deliver the most notable results :

1] Dynamic Remarketing

This technology allows online retailers to start advertisements based on the nature of a viewer’s prior website history and activity, so that ads that have the greatest odds of creating web trafficcan be targeted multiple times. Dynamic remarketing is a form of online advertising that automatically insert product or items related to those that users have viewed on a website. Advertisers create one ad that can be personalized automatically right when an ad impression occurs. Google says , advertisers across industries on average saw conversion rates double and cost-per-acquisition drop by 60 percent with dynamic ad re-targeting.Google explains the optimization works by calculating  bids for each impression in real-time.
Netshoes, the world’s largest web-only retailer of sporting equipment and athletic apparel, saw 30-40% growth in overall revenue with dynamic re-marketing during the Christmas season.

2] Setting Bid Adjustments

A bid adjustment in simple terms represents a percentage change in your bids. They have now become an integral aspect of AdWords campaigns. With the option to alter bids by the time of day, day of the week, location, device type, and geographical locations , your marketing strategy can become focused and aggressive by identifying the correct audience and their habits. And they can be used according to the varying requirements of your company. For example, if you see that a particular campaign converts much better on mobiles, bid more for mobile. Likewise, if you see that campaign conversion rate drops on Friday afternoons, schedule your ads to bid less for this part of the day.Google has also included a nifty little tool in the interface to do all the hard work for you. Behold, the Bid Calculator, which will calculate the adjustments to be made for your bids.

3] Set up Shopping campaigns for Product Listing Ads ( PLA’s )

Product Listing Ads are cost per click (CPC) ads which online merchants purchase through AdWords.  You can create a Shopping campaign once you’ve submitted your product inventory to Google Merchant Center. Merchant Center holds your product information, and the Shopping campaign in AdWords lets you serve detailed ads for those products.If you click on the individual Product Listing Ads, Google brings you to the sellers site, whereas “Shop for yellow baseball bat on Google” will bring you to the Google Shopping comparison page which is relevant for that search.
There are a few guidelines which need to be followed to be listed under the same category –

a)If you sell under 500 products, you may have trouble getting visibility on Google Shopping.
b)If you sell products in categories like automotive, baby supplies, tools, or furniture and you are not listed on Google Shopping, you’re likely missing out on significant revenue.
c)If you have really strict margins, you may have difficulty on Google Shopping, or you may need to consider a lower daily budget.

4] PPC Brand Bidding

Brand bidding is the practice of bidding on the brand terms of a third party, so your ads appear when their brand is entered as a search term.The idea is to grab traffic from your competitors website and divert it to your website , using compelling offers and discounts. To illustrate how brand bidding works in practice, let’s work through an example : Say XYZ Insurance Pvt LTD, has invested in bidding of the keyword ‘AVIVA’. So whenever the keyword ‘AVIVA’ will be searched the company name XYZ will be generated in the paid ads column. So by appearing in both the organic and paid ads columns, you are proving to your searcher that you are a prominent player in your domain. Also due to this form of advertising your ad score will likely have the highest score. [Score of 9 out 10]

5] Total Conversion Value

Conversion Values help you track and optimize your campaigns’ Return on Investment(ROI). With usage of Total Conversion Value you will be able to estimate the total revenue the keywords accrue in a day via Adwords Campaign. A few benefits of using such a platform is –
a)Make more informed business decisions about how you bid online.
b)Make better decisions about allocating resources between your online and offline budgets more easily.
c)See how your AdWords campaigns influence your conversions across devices and browsers.

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      Many small-business owners know online marketing can help them get new customers, but concepts like pay-per-click campaigns can be daunting.

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