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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Digital Marketing As Your Career Option

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If you are planning to create a career in digital marketing, you may have had this question come across in your mind frequently: is digital marketing the right career choice for you?

May be you should learn something else, like programming or corporate finance. Is digital marketing right for you? How can you find that out?

To help you make that decision, here are five questions that you should be asking yourself.

1. Are You Passionate About Marketing?

If you are not passionate about marketing, then may be digital marketing is not the right career choice for you. Digital marketing is just an extension of marketing.

Digital marketing is more about marketing than the technology that we use to do marketing. In other words it is more of marketing and less of digital.

All the age old principles of marketing still applies to digital marketing.

If you have the wrong assumptions and a negative outlook about marketing and sales, you may never become a pioneer in digital marketing.

I love marketing. I believe marketers have the power to change the world. Marketers tell stories that spread. Marketers inspire. I read more books about marketing than about digital marketing.

If you think along the same lines, learning digital marketing will help you achieve 10x results compared to traditional marketing.

2. Can You Handle Unpredictable Outcomes?

A marketer’s life is full of unpredictable outcomes. If I run an ad campaign, it may or may not succeed. It creates a lot of stress while creating something. However, if it works as you expected, it creates immense joy.

There is a bit of emotional rollercoaster in every marketer’s (or digital marketer’s) life. You should be able to handle that.

If you are investing a marketing budget in a specific channel and if it doesn’t work, you need to come up with a valid reason to convince your boss.

3. Can You Think Like An Entrepreneur?

Being a marketer means you have to think like an entrepreneur. If you don’t have a flair of entrepreneurship in you, it is difficult be a marketer (or digital marketer).

As a marketer, you are going to think about almost everything except product development, funding and day to day operations of a business.

You have to think about customer’s needs, what goes on in your customer’s mind, what are the keywords they search for when they are looking for a solution and their life’s problems.

As a marketer you need to understand your customer better than they understand themselves. You need to have a better understanding of their needs than the CEO of your company.

Since you understand your customer’s needs inside out, you should also be able to influence product development. The product team may sometimes lose touch about the customer’s needs.

Teaching the product team about the customer’s needs may not be in your job description, but you will not become a truly great marketer unless you influence the entire company to think about the customer’s needs.

4. Are You Good with Numbers?

A traditional marketer’s life may not have a lot of numbers. They did not have a lot of numbers to work with in the first place.

If traditional marketers ran a TV campaign or a newspaper ad, they did not have any stats on exactly how many people watched it, for how long they watched it and if they took any action on it.

But consider it a blessing or a curse, digital marketers have too many numbers than they can possibly handle.

From time spent on site, to bounce rate to source of traffic, there are hundreds of parameters available to a digital marketers.

You should be able to work with numbers. The amount of data that you get from web analytics may be overwhelming. You should be able to handle that.

5. Are Your Ready to Work with Impossible Targets?

As a digital marketer, you will always be presented with targets that seem impossible. That’s because no one really knows what is a realistic target.

The management would ask you to bring 2x traffic to the website within 3 months. In certain cases, such targets are realistic and in certain cases, they are not.

If you panic as soon as your boss asks you to achieve impossible targets, then you may not be able to perform on your job.

You should be able to keep your cool and work towards your targets. If you are not able to reach your targets, show them what you have done and explain them that you have done everything in your capacity to increase the traffic (or leads or sales). And work with them to set a more realistic target for the next quarter.

Other job profiles may not have this kind of pressure. Everyone knows how long it takes to develop an iOS app.

Everyone knows how many calls a business development executive can make in a day. But there is no ceiling to what a digital marketer can achieve with traffic and conversions.


I hope these five questions helped you get some clarity whether digital marketing is the right career choice for you.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

This is a guest post by Deepak Kanakaraju – a digital marketing author, trainer and consultant. He blogs about digital marketing at

Image Credits: blog.sagacademy

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    • 1 year ago

      pranit   /   Reply

      Choosing digital marketing career i believe that it can be a very tough decision to make. You have to consider too many things like your income, your availability, if it’s trendy, or if it’s interesting or fits your skills and personality. These question are great to consider while choosing digital marketing.You made a very good research on choosing for a career.

    • 8 months ago

      meenal deshpande   /   Reply

      Nowadays the competition is growing. A lot of new and old businesses want to promote their products and services online. Because of this, the competition of online market is growing day by day and entrepreneurs are searching for a Digital Marketing person to promote their products and services online. According to this, the future of Digital Marketing should be very bright.

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