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5 Quick Tips And Tricks To Improve Twitter Marketing

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twitter-slide-2In this war of social media platforms, Twitter has emerged as one of the top and most efficient social medium of communicating and adding up of followers. Though all businesses irrespective of their size and scale of operations, benefit from social marketing on Twitter but the small and medium sized enterprises are the ones that get the most out of it in terms of reach. They know that Twitter provides a great opportunity to popularize yourself by promoting and sharing content and thus adding up to your user base, but still there are many who are unable to make effective use of this social platform. This, to an extent, can be due to the fact that there is limit of 140 characters through which you can communicate to your target viewers. This poses great challenge for business as they are not sure how to to effectively utilize this 140 characters into an efficient pitch which can have an impact on the target audience.

Maintaining a strong presence on Twitter along-with Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube is one one of the major part of social media marketing strategies of businesses nowadays.  If effectively done, it can help drive your follower base as well as your sales figure. Since Twitter users are logged on their handles and continuously lookout for conversations and news about areas of their interest, it provides great opportunity for businesses to engage with them.

Twitter is actively used by brands today to engage in conversations with their users as well as sharing great quality content. If used wisely it can be of great help in boosting the revenue figures along-with strengthening the brand awareness. It provides you a great platform to engage better with your users as well as in improving the customer service levels.

Considering the advantages associated with use of Twitter still marketers find it quite challenging in fully utilizing it’s functionality to good effect. Taking this into account, below are few tips and tricks that can help in better operation on Twitter.

1. Concentrate on tweeting more links rather than communicating


As per the common strategy the best way to engage new users is to converse with them. However, in a recent study on the reply rates of more than 1,30,000 random Twitter users it was found that accounts that have high list of followers tend to communicate less. Thus a more effective way to enhance your follower base is to invest in tweeting more relevant links to your viewers rather than just conversing with them.

As per few studies just mere conversing on Twitter does not guarantee motivating users and following your business though it will also not negatively affect your fan following. Conversing and talking may help you in getting first few hundred followers but after that it will become stagnant and it becomes difficult to further scale up this activity. Thus there is a limit to the no. of followers you can generate on Twitter just by way of conversations.

2. Using the “Recommend” feature more often

recommended_users“Recommend” is one of the most useful feature of Twitter, but generally people fail to pay that kind of attention that it deserves. Whenever you post an article on Twitter from your blog, there is an appearance of a window recommending the user to follow you on Twitter (provided you are not being already followed by them). This is indeed one of the best ways to garner more followers as users who recently tweeted your post are the ones more likely to follow you.

It is important for you to set up this “Recommend” feature and ensure that the code of the tweet button is right as well as there is mention of your Twitter handle in the recommend field. To check whether this feature is set up properly or not, you can ask one of your friend who does not follow you to tweet from your blog. If your handle is stated in the recommend field then you are good to go.

Another important thing to keep in mind is while using 3rd party plugin or service. Suppose you are using a 3rd part plugin like ClickToTweet then apart from generating tweetable links for your content, they may also use this “Recommend” feature in promoting their own profiles. If you want to avoid this better go for alternate services such as Click TO Tweet by CoSchedule.

3. Pining your profile with a Feature Box 

Screen-shot-2014-06-30-at-9.17.23-AMAnother great way of effectively using Twitter is pinning up of a Feature Box with your profile. The Feature box is, basically an email form that is generally placed on the homepage, right at the top. The idea behind is to offer the visitors of your website with something valuable for signing up for your email contact list. This can be in the form of free gifts for e.g. free e-book or special deals for e.g. monthly subscription at a special discount rate of 20%. Twitter, offers a similar type of feature, which you can add to your Twitter profile. This can be done by combining two original features of Twitter: a lead generation card and a pinned tweet.

imagesYou just need to set up a lead generation card, this will generally include incentives for your audience if they choose to opt in, pin up this tweet to your Twitter handle and you are ready to go. Now whatever leads you get through the emails are saved by the lead generation card in a .csv file, which you can download later. You can also use special e-marketing tools such as Mailchimp or Aweber to add-up new leads directly to your email list.

4. Asking Twitter influencers to retweet for you

Another good way to increase your spread of content is getting it retweeted by the Twitter Influencers. There is no harm in getting retweets by users you know, but if your content is being retweeted by experts or right people then the results can be far impacting in terms of reach to potential viewers and motivating them to become your followers. As per a study by BuzzSumo, if your content is getting shared on Twitter by influencers, then its reach expands considerably. In other terms, suppose your content is being shared by a single influencer then it help you in increasing your social share by 38.8%. In other words, if a piece of content is shared by one influencer, its social shares will increase by 38.8%. Likewise, if the content is shared by 3 influencers, then there is a chance that your social shares can get doubled, and so on and so forth.

Thus it is imperative for you to develop a strong Twitter influencers network keep on nurturing the relationship. This will prove to be very helpful especially when you want to expand a new content or a content that has short shelf life.

5. Focus to tweet your content more than once

It is general belief that if you tweet or post your article more than once then that can have a negative impact on your followers and it might irritate them. Well, as per a study by Wisemetrics, tweeting a content for the second time increase your performance to 86% as compared to the first tweet. No doubt your performance generally drops with each tweet, but if you take into account the different time zones of your followers, it is important that you tweet your valuable article few times, so that it is viewed by maximum followers.

Thus, whenever you publish some content, tweet it just after it goes live. Then, you can again tweet it after few hours. You can again tweet that content the next day and again within the same week. You can then continue this activity with your old articles as there will always be few new followers to appreciate your content.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Exciting features!!! Often people are focused to work on Facebook. They regular change their status,upload information, photos on Facebook. As compared to Facebook, twitter is least use. But this article is really helpful to find out such an amazing features which are really beneficial for any business.

    • 4 years ago

      John Crook   /   Reply

      That’s really valuable tips. A clear goal and strategy really important regardless of the number of twitter followers one may have.

    • 4 years ago

      Rosy   /   Reply

      I started tweeting to work on being succinct. Then I started adding links to my personal blog. I’m not in business but I think my posts can inspire and educate. Thank you for the tips.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks Rosy. Glad that you found the tips useful.

    • 4 years ago

      Sonam Gupta   /   Reply

      Nicely said., even there are people who don’t know why they are using Twitter. If you are using it for business then better to understand the purpose and goals of using Twitter, that will good ! After reading this, i too tried to search twitter to get something but there are too much..Thanks

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