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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not Working For You

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There’s been quite a bit of hype about social media marketing over the last few years. Some businesses are doing very well while many are struggling with it. It’s important to understand that effective use of social media can reduce your dependence upon traffic from the major search engines, but how do you go about putting theory into practice. If you’re struggling to see how the time that you spend on social media is not translating into brand building or increased visitor numbers and customers then something is certainly going wrong.

Let’s take a look at 5 key reasons why social media may not be working for your business:

#1. Failure to post regularly

Have you created a Facebook account and a similar account for Twitter? Congratulations! But that’s only the first step. So many business owners think that they are taking care of social media simply by signing up for accounts, but that’s only the first step in the process. You need to post regularly if you really want to attract attention. The content should be great & of value to your consumers. It’s a good practice to schedule the content at least a week prior to posting.

#2. Your are being just boring!

You need to be a little objective here to answer this question. So stand back and ask yourself: “Am I interesting on Social Platforms?” The answer is probably “no”! If your content consists only of a selection of corporate messages and press releases, then it may offer very little of interest to your visitors. That’s hardly going to get them coming back in droves. Take a look at some of the best blogs on the web if you’re struggling for inspiration.

#3. No Personal approach

When visitors are looking at your Facebook page, they should immediately know who has written the content or at least they should know there is a human touch behind the brand’s communication. The same should be true of every social media source. The best brands get this. Take a look at the Ford’s Twitter stream. You immediately know who operates it. It’s also hugely successful at getting their message across. You don’t have their marketing budget, but you can mimic their approach.

Ford’s twitter page clearly defines the authors

#4. You don’t understand the demographics

Before writing content that is going to reach out to a potential customer, it’s important that you understand who’s your audience. Have you thought about that? Unless you give it some consideration, your efforts may be wasted. Especially on facebook, you should use the facebook insights to understand the demographics. Twitter is also coming up with the insights feature soon for businesses. Although Twitter, in particular, don’t like to release too much information on their users, you can find out quite a bit if you’re prepared to search for Twitter facts and figures.

#5. You’ve forgotten about strategic thinking

How do you see social media fitting in with your overall digital marketing strategy? You’ve given it some thought, right? If not, you could be heading for trouble. A social media marketing plan needn’t take hours to write, or involve reams of paper. But you should have a strategy in place, as well as an understanding of how you see social media contributing to the success of your business. Search engine experts know that written plans can boost SEO efforts. It’s exactly the same when it comes to social media. A basic plan can go a long way. If you’re not sure where to start, then check out this presentation by Cory Williamson .

Author Profile: Keith Barrett is an experienced search engine optimization expert and has been working in this area for more than a decade. He works on numerous small business SEO campaigns and has helped many businesses to thrive online.

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