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5 Rules for Choosing WordPress Themes

5 Rules for Choosing WordPress Themes

WordPress has taken the digital world by a huge storm. It boasts of powering millions of blogs and websites all over the world. The easy management of WordPress makes it irresistible among many new users. However, the stunning secret about WordPress’s popularity lies in the extensive range of themes it presents its users with. One can easily be spoilt for choice when selecting the best theme for his/her WordPress blog or website. To make the right choice, it takes a sixth a sense and a couple of rules. I’ll give you an insight into the rules.

Mobile Responsive Design Themes takes the First Priority

For a new website in search of loyal customers, there’s no better way of attracting clients than integration of responsive design themes in your website. Most people use their mobile phones and tablet devices to access websites. This knowledge should inspire you to opt for digital download themes. No one wants to stay on a site that doesn’t fit well on his smart device. As a website owner, always think of the responsive designs when going for your themes and you will be steps ahead of your competitors.

It’s always about Customer Service

One awesome aspect about WordPress is that most of the associated theme providers are reliable when it comes to customer service. However, that should not drive you into opting for WordPress templates from random companies. Companies like Template Monster are known to provide efficient customer service so you can always think along that direction. It doesn’t make sense to have a stunning theme with poor customer support and upgrade features. Ensure that the choice of company for your WordPress theme is one that is reliable when it comes to customer support.

Think Navigation

However lovely your website might be, no user would want to struggle navigating your website. It is essential to go for a clean theme that is easy to manipulate. It should be able to provide an easy user interface. You not only want to attract customers but also have them stay on your website much longer; a more navigable WordPress theme will help you achieve that.

Make Social Media Integration Count

The joy of a business owner or blogger is in seeing consistent flow of traffic through his/her website or blog. Where do most followers and web visitors come from? The social media platforms have revolutionised relationships in the 21st century. Going for WordPress themes with social media icons makes sharing of your web contents easier and more reliable. There is no better way of attracting more users that opting for a theme that makes social media integration easier and more accessible.

Consider the Load Speeds

How fast your website loads will determine whether a first time visitor comes back or not. No one wants to wait for five minutes to load a single page when there is an option of faster website. The choice of a WordPress theme should have shorter loading times. A theme like Elegant is a perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want to keep his web visitors waiting.

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