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5 SEM Mistakes That Prevent You From Digging Gold Online

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Search engine marketing is a marketing style that helps in driving web traffic to the website through PPC ad campaigns. Use Pay-per-click campaigns to increase the return on investment but firstly there is a need to avoid making the following 5 deadly SEM / PPC mistakes.

  1. Ignoring negative keywords

Do not underestimate the importance of negative keywords as they cannot just save your money that is wasted by by irrelevant clicks but also drive in the qualified web traffic only. It is necessary to use negative keywords as well the phrases for which you want your ad not to show up when a user searches for it. Hence, firstly, select the right keywords and also research for the negative keywords for your business that are popularly searched for and can disturb the performance of your ad.

  1. Broad match will serve the purpose

Google suggest few keywords and phrases that are searched most often by the searchers online. Exercise your discretion while using these ‘broad match’ keywords and cutting the list short enough to suit the purpose. It is necessary to use negative keywords in addition to the precise keywords so as to drive in the most relevant traffic with high potential of cracking a deal in future.

  1.  Not paying attention to seasonal ad copy

If the products are specific to a particular season, then design a dedicated ad copy that will be popped up in a particular time period only. For example- if the product that you are selling is ‘hot cake’, then design an ad for winter season that will save you a lot of money and also drive in the right kind of web traffic. If you think that designing a single ad copy and floating it online all the time will bring you revenue then you may be wrong and it may not be a wise marketing idea to continue with.

  1. Geo-targeting is unnecessary

This is a serious mistake while launching a PPC campaign. Geographical aspect is one of the most important aspects of a business and helps to target the customers well.  Geo-targeting is essential so as to save the money that may otherwise be wasted by unwanted clicks. Focus only on the area of service that you are catering for unlike letting your ad being clicked by the people who will not buy the product or service from you.

  1. Always show the ad

It is important to schedule the ad at a particular time of the day. The most common practice is to show the ad during the business hours. This will ensure that the interested people can call you if they want to enquire about the products or services you offer. It is a wise marketing idea to keep the doors open for the people who want to crack a deal with you unlike letting the ad being visible all the day long.

Check out if you are making any of the above mentioned mistakes and correct them now itself and welcome success.

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