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5 SEM Tips To Generate Effective PPC Text Ads

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Persuasive, well directed ads are very important for a successful high performance campaign. PPC ads are the first point of contact with your target customers and most often are the only ones that a customer sees about your company/website. When a customer searches for a specific product or service, he might be able to see your ad only if it fits his keyword search for your product / in any way; however he may or may not click on your ad. This totally depends on how powerful and compelling your ad has been created. Thus, the PPC ad is the first contact with the potential customer and most of the times the only one; therefore, its crucial to get it right the first time too. A well-crafted PPC ad has several benefits like –

  • Higher Quality Ad Scores quality score
  • Higher click through rate
  • Optimum cost per action

The Ads created by you are assessed by Google for a quality score based on its relevance to the search by a potential customer. Also the click through rate and the landing page is considered for a quality score. Thus, a higher quality score translates into a lower CPC, higher rank in the search engine and impression share

This blog gives you 5 essential SEM tips to generate effective PPC Text ads, therefore read on to generate a winning PPC Campaign.

1. Structure your Ads 

Compose ads with a distinctive structure in place. An Ad should be able to convey the characteristics, advantages and urge to take action about the product or service being promoted. Simple tricks like using a mish-mash of keywords are no longer beneficial. Ads require putting into perspective the benefits and the call to act on them.  Simply composing ads based on the product or service won’t get you any higher CTR, but knowing your business thoroughly in terms of USP will serve you better in the long run. Using tools like the feature benefit matrix can help you to know the uniqueness of your business and strengths.

2. Organized ads perform better

It has been established from various campaigns that organizing the text in your ads will improve their performance. Organizing ads mainly relates to your qualitative tactics rather than quantitative. In order to compose the text in your ads, you need to identify the keywords specific to your campaign. The keywords then should be classified and arranged in a manner that related keywords are grouped together .Targeted landing pages and relevant ad copies also need to be created. Ensure that the landing page is specific to the keyword. The link, content and heading should have highly specific keywords for the ad to get noticed and clicked by target audience.

3. Use Creative Language

It is essential to use a personalized approach, therefore words like “You” and “You’re” to be used frequently in ad texts. Create authentic content in the ads; deception is not taken very well by the search engines and the customer base. Using provocative, catchy language, eye grabbing headlines will serve your purpose more than using simple plain unattractive language. It will catch the customer’s attention and result in a higher CTR. However take care to not offend, but simply be subtle. Try not to fall into the trap of using dull, generic words, but add some attitude and personality to your ad text.

Examples are as follows –

  • You Need This XXX !
  • Your Nutritionist Could Be Misguiding You !
4. Active Verbs 

creative languageUsing active verbs will instill urgency and also tell your ad story in a better and compelling manner. While composing your ads, think in terms of what the customer wants to do, how much improvement he wants to make in his life by using your product or service. Try to gauge the customer’s expectations and the urgency to act in a way or within a given time. The most common example would be for fitness ads. Simply posting “Weight Loss in 2 Months” won’t get you as many clicks as by posting “Lose 10 kgs in 2 Months!” The latter ad conveys action and also provides goal and time period, which is more effective in terms of catching the attention of the customer. Your ad should actually give hope to the customer of fulfilling their goals.

5. Use Display URL efficiently 

The URL is also important in addition to the heading and the main body of your ad. Use the extra space provided by the URL to your benefit. Use a persuasive call for action and add some words depicting advantages of your products and services in the URL. You can also add search relevance terms in the ad. This can increase the CTR of your ad campaign. Adding terms like “Free trial”, “results guaranteed” can give your target customers another reason to click on your ad than navigating towards your competitor.

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