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5 SEO Mistakes That May Be Blocking Your Way Ahead

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Search engine optimisation is an essential exercise that must be carried out by the businesses these days in order to make themselves visible online. Since the search engines like Google and Bing including others keep changing their policies and ranking system, it is necessary to keep oneself updated about the same and avoid making the following 5 SEO mistakes for sure.

1. Inappropriate keyword targeting

Target the keywords which can perform for your business and do not simply include the keywords that are working well for your competitors. There are several software available online that can help you out in finding the right set of keywords in a time efficient manner.

A simple trick to go right with the keywords while working for off-page and on-page SEO is to target around 6-8 keywords for a time period of three to four months. Use different set of keywords for the next months while keeping an eye on the previous one. There is no need to bombard the keywords in order to perform well online.

2. Employing same SEO technique for every purpose

This is a mistake that most new business persons do, i.e., to formulate a SEO strategy for the blogs, websites or business page. There are different SEO rules for catering to different purposes online.

3. Rash changes in website design

Always design the website form the visitors’ point of view and not just your own. Do not rush in making decisions regarding the website design. Follow the safe route by testing the Google Analytics feature on a new design and observing its performance for some time. Once the real-time user experience is judged carefully and the results are up to the mark, employ the design in a full fledged mode.

There are few things that must be kept in mind in order to optimise its performance online-

  • The website URL must not have an ‘underscore’ but a ‘dash’.
  • The images used in the website must be named correctly and positively so as to let the search engine search your website.
  • Link the Homepage with the important pages of the website.

 4. Ignoring the webmaster tools

It is important not to ignore the warning signals given by the search engine(s) where you are trying to promote the business. A seemingly small warning if not taken into account may result in grave loss in the future. A smart business person must pay serious attention to the health of the website on the webmaster tools on the search engines.

 5. Meta-description doesn’t matters

Meta-description is the primary thing that comes to the notice of a searcher online. Hence, it is really unwise to ignore it for SEO. Give a meta-description that communicates well about the website and the reader finds it attractive enough to spare a few minutes and visit the website.

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