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5 SEO Myths That Need To Be Treated Now

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Google algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird have turned all the widely used practices like guest blogging, link building & other SEO tactics into a myth.


Given below are 5 SEO Myths which should to be considered & treated now:

1. SEO Is Set & Forgot:

It is a myth that many of the marketers think that once the optimization is done on the website, it will remain on the top of the Google page for lifetime. But this is not true. Since, the way of marketing is changing at a faster rate, one needs to make frequent changes & after that the results needs to be measured & analyzed for better optimization.

2.  Use Keywords All The Time:

Keywords are very important for targeting correct audience and relevant & optimum uses of keywords make the website reach at the top of search engines. However, it does not mean that using keywords on the page without proper relevancy of the keywords on the page will help or excessive usage of single keyword on any particular page will be a waste. This makes it essential to make use of proper relevant keywords and to monitor & measure results on regular basis for better rankings.

3. All You Need Is Content:

Content marketing is considered to be one of the most important aspects of SEO. As long as content marketing is considered, from the SEO point of view, the content should be of high quality & involve relevant content. A high quality content helps in fetching good rankings, however, content may not be enough. Therefore, other SEO activities should be undertaken to get in the results of search engines.

4. Swapping Links Is a Quick Way To Win:

Swapping of links is another SEO myth, where in people believe that swapping links between friends or colleagues will deliver better rankings on Google, saving their time and efforts. But nowadays, if someone swaps links with unrelated business then the Google data centers will not accept it leading to poor search results.

5. Adwords (PPC)Will Replace The Need For SEO:

Pay Per Click works independently from the natural result searches on the keywords. Adwords (PPC) is considered to be an effective way for getting instant results. Adwords(PPC) never affects natural results as it occupies only 20% of the total results & the 80% is the natural organic search on relevant keywords depending upon the search engine optimization activities undertaken. Thus, it is advisable for any brand to have an edge over competitors instead of completely depending  upon Adwords (PPC) and follow all the SEO activites for effective results.

Hence, there is a need to consider and treat the above mentioned SEO myths in order to achieve effective search results.

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