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5 SEO Tips That Boost The Performance Of Ecommmerce Website Online

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download (11)The competitive advantage enjoyed by Ecommerce websites over the conventional in-store model is mainly due to the changing needs of today’s consumer who look for both convenience and value for money. Ecommerce has caught the imagination of consumers worldwide because it offers cost effective shopping in less time. The products and services on Ecommerce websites are available for the entire consumer base to browse and analyse and as such it’s transparent. The Ecommerce community is growing rapidly and is all set to change the retail landscape. In order to keep up with competition,  Ecommerce websites are resorting to marketing strategies like continuously changing and rotating products, updating content  and other innovations. Thus they require specialized SEO strategies to stay in business.

Are you facing competition from more SEO friendly Ecommerce Websites? Are you concerned about low sales from your online business? Then the following 5 SEO tips will help you to boost the performance of your Ecommerce Website.

1. Simple and clean URL’s

Develop simple, clean and easy to read URL’s which are free from query links. Such URL’s are preferred both by search engines and customers. Clean URL’s help in directing relevant traffic to the website.  Clean URL’s are easy to read and remember and thus they enhance the usability for customers. These URL’s also can be associated with the products selected by the customers, have a higher recall value and can be easily shared on the social network. Furthermore, search engines also tend to easily identify and list URL’s containing the searched query.

2. Small screen designimages (12)

As mobile usage picks up, can Mobile commerce remain far behind? Increasingly, Ecommerce websites are reporting higher sales from mobile and tablet devices. This should be taken seriously by Ecommerce websites as the future holds a lot of promise in mobile commerce. Even Google and other search engines are ranking sites with tablet and mobile friendly websites on the higher side. Developing a website that is optimized and easily accessible to mobile and tablets will no doubt bring in more traffic and sales with it. The website can be made simpler and more responsive to smaller screen and as such there is no need to build separate websites. There is a need to simply invest more in the website that you already have to optimize it for smaller screens.

download (12)3. Webmaster tools for SEO

Webmaster tools help in improving the SEO and are equipped with several features that improve the website for Google and other search engines as well as potential customers. Webmaster tools should be used frequently to prevent any 404 errors creeping up in any of the pages. Although Webmaster tools cannot always prevent errors, they can atleast be minimized. There is a greater need to create reliable error free results for search queries in Ecommerce or there is a danger of driving away potential customers to competitor websites out of frustration.

4. usage provides assistance to develop markup strategy in a standardized format. This can help in streamlining the SEO efforts and achieving the targeted traffic goals. Using the standardized markup can be useful for increasing relevant traffic to your website. also provides relevant metadata to assist you in arranging the information on your website in an effective manner such that relevant results can be made available in accordance with the users search requests. All major search engines take help from this markup to arrange search results pages in a way that users can easily find the right webpage and information. Frequent usage of Schema is highly beneficial for SEO.

5. Detailed description of products

Ecommerce is all about making the website user-friendly and simplifying the shopping experience. Providing unique, relevant and discerning product descriptions can help potential customers to make quick decisions on buying. Even if your products are in a similar category, it is essential to highlight the USP of each product by adding slightly different descriptions. It also necessary to keep the description short, to the point, but with enough detailing to appeal to the customer, usually upto 80 words is sufficient.

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