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5 SEO Tips That You Can Trust Safely For Business Growth

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Though search engine optimization requires whole bunch of things to consider, here are 5 things you don’t want to miss for your business growth:


Meta Description

The meta data of any website provides a brief overview of the contents of the page, i.e. it is a description of what goes into a page. Now there are meta titles & meta descriptions for each page. You have to make sure that no meta title or description is too short or too long & hence, a standard has to be maintained to make sure they don’t exceed the limits.

Meta Title—> Maximum of 65 characters

Meta Description—> Maximum of 155 characters

Technical Side of SEO

Google rewards those websites which comply the technical guidelines & it is evident from the fact that Google has penalized thousands of them for not meeting the standards. Hence, it becomes imperative to make sure your website meets all required ‘must haves‘ on technical front. Few of them are:-

  1. Quicker Page loading
  2. Responsive website design
  3. On Page Site Map
  4. Up to date robots.txt
  5. Minimum redirects
  6. HTML Coding

It is great to have a blog for your website, wherein you can provide the latest information about your product or service. Blogs provide an excellent platform to connect with your customers as well. Here, the information can be further shared and pushed to social media websites. Having a credible author helps a blog go viral, especially if the author is of great repute. Hence, linking your blog to a credible author becomes a great deal in the SEO world.

Detox Links

Webmaster toolRegular detoxification of links is another regular consideration for a successful SEO. Google keeps coming with the latest updates on its algorithms. A weekly or a monthly check up on these should be regular for any marketer involved in SEO. Tools such as Majestic SEO can help analyze back links & run a check for a White Hat SEO. GWMT (Google’s Webmaster Tool) is great place to start wherein we can make changes for ‘no follow’ or ‘no index’ link.


Though content leads the charts, tools are still indispensable for a business to be a winner in SEO. GWMT helps resolve any technical issue. There are multiple tools available in the market which come as handy for any businessman to review data & make decisions. Few of the famous tools available are:

  1. – Backlink checkerSEo Tools
  2. – Link Audit Tool
  3. – Link Audit tool
  4. – SEO Tool
  5. – A Plagiarism Checker
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