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5 SEO Tools That May Become Your Best Ally

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There are number of free available tools on the internet. The developers have not only tapped this market, but also made all marketers heavily dependent on these tools. Let’s discuss five of the free available tools to understand and boost SEO activities-

  1. Google Keyword Tool
  2. SEO Moz toolbar plugin
  3. Google Chrome toolbar plugin
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google webmasters tool

Google Keyword Tool

Enough has been said about the importance of keyword research before SEO is started. Google’s keyword tool has all the answers for anyone who is in the initial planning process of volume estimates, keyword potential, the bid price or even the keyword suggestion. Five primary functions of the Google’s keyword tool are :-

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Find out what prospects are searching for
  3. Estimated search volumes
  4. Suggest keyword list
  5. Suggest keyword by URL

You can even make number of permutations and combinations of keywords through multiply option. This is done to attack every possible keyword variation used by the potential customers. This tool also offers to find out the potential keywords used by you competitors using ‘search by landing page’ option.

SEO Moz Toolbar Plugin

A great to start with for all the analysis required on SEO front. SEO Moz toolbar provides information on webpages with regards to domain authority and page authority. Basic features-

  1. Information on DA and PA
  2. Top ten websites
  3. Important SEO metrics for every page
  4. Backlink information

It also provides a search option to find out the keyword search on a page to understand its density on a given page. With all the SEO metrics provided by the tool, it provides a live analysis of a webpage, a real deal for any marketer using SEO. Moz toolbar is also very easy to install and one of the best free available tools out there.

Google Chrome toolbar plugin

SEO extension such as SEOquake is a must tool to know all the SEO related details of a website. It provides details such as PageRank, Alexa rank, page source and even the source domain.It is available on chrome and installs as an add-on on the browser.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics comes as a great deal as all the organic traffic related reports are easily available on it.All traffic related data such as organic traffic, indirect referrals, engagement and number of visitors can be found on this tool.It supplements every marketer’s efforts by acting as a data reporting faculty for the same. Key features include the following-

  1. Information on who is linking to your site
  2. Segments mobile and desktop traffic
  3. Report on Social Engagement
  4. Measures Key Performance Indicators such as Click through rate, Impressions, conversion rate etc.

Google Webmasters tool

Last but not the least, Google Webmasters provide ton of information to maximize SEO. Three primary features include –

  1. HTML improvement
  2. Keywords
  3. Sitemaps
  4. Add/Remove URL

One of the first tasks performed by marketers is to add the url to be indexed in Google’s searches. This is done in the GWT, so you can understand how important it is and since it is freely available, it is a must for every marketer who is managing the SEO. One of the other key features provided by the tool is html improvements if any required to boost SEO.

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