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5 SEO Tricks You Must Test To Boost Up Your CTR

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212What is CTR?

CTR – Click Through Rate is the percentage rating of users measured depending upon number of clicks acquired by your website, blog or advertisement in search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimization of website using relevant keywords, links, tags, quality content is important. At the same time CTR has its own importance which is neglected by many people. Maintaining high ranking to your website in search engines with less CTR is useless, as CTR acts as an actual measurement of number of visitors visiting your site or blog based on number of clicks gained by the website or blog. CTR percentage of a website is calculated by the ratio of total number clicks gained by the site to the total number of impressions gained in searching the site. For example, imagine that if 100 times a relevant keyword is used for searching the site and 30 unique clicks gained by the site then CTR percentage is calculated as 30% for that website.

Website with high ranking in search engine results page (SERP) and maximum CTR percentage will boost up web traffic towards the site. It is fact that top 3-5 results shown on result pages will have more number of visitors compared to others. It is common psychology of users who will click on the top organic results displayed in the results page. So it is important to maintain your website in top search results page along with maximum CTR percentage for revenue purpose. In order to optimize your website you can use different SEO tools and techniques available in the market. To boost up your website CTR percentage there are some SEO tricks to be adopted. There are many SEO tricks which helps you to gain maximum CTR percentage. Among them, few are listed here.

1) Write Catchy and Click – Worthy Titles

Title plays a main role as a first glance to the website. Selection of a good title is the key thing which should be never ignored by you. In order to write an appropriate title, first thing you should keep in mind is about its limitation is up to 60-65 characters only. You should select your title based on this limit itself. If you extend your title with more number of characters then only some characters will be displayed and remaining will get cut-off. Initial part of title will be displayed and remaining will be shown in the form of encryption which is nothing but ‘Snippet View’ of the title.Capture

Your title should be catchy and attractive using limited characters to avoid snippet view in results page. Good writer will spend more time in selection of attractive title to attract more number of visitors towards the site. Some tips are listed below to write catchy titles attracting more number of users.

  • Title should be clear – By reading the title itself user should get a clear idea about the website and it should be within or less than 65 characters.
  • Should be predictable – Using some interesting keywords, numbers, interesting adjectives like free, effortless, absolute etc and questioning keywords will increase CTR percentage of website increasing users curiosity.
  • Use some emotional words like ‘5 ways to make mony easily, find out how?’ This type of titles will draw some expectations in the user’s mind which helps in boosting CTR percentage of website.

2) Write Perfect Meta Description

Meta description tag displays the snipped title and description or summary of website just below the title in search engine results page. In general, less number of users will concentrate on meta descriptions as title itself has more impact on users if considered about click-through rates. Most of them will click just by looking the title itself. Although meta description should not be neglected as some users will have a glance on them. Some tips for writing proper meta description to a website are listed below.

  • It should be relative to content of your website. In case if it is different, then users may get reverted back from your site if they did not find the relevant matter related to their search.
  • It should be descriptive explaining whole content of website in the form of small summary and should be effective.
  • It should be unique from other meta descriptions of different websites.
  • It should be limited to 160 characters approximately as search engines like google limits up to 160 characters for meta descriptions.meta-description-example

3) Optimize Your Webpage Speed

Optimization of website speed not only boosts up your site’s rank but also helps you by increasing number of visitors towards your site. If your website runs slow and takes a lot of time to open then users may get irritated by its slow performance and will revert back from your site. Next time, they will not open your site as their first experience with your site is flopped. Therefore, it is clear that optimizing the page speed will help you to boost up your website CTR percentage.

4) Use Rating and Review phenomena

Use star rating in your website which makes your site look different from other webpages making more reliable to the users for choosing right website. If your website is rated as 4 or above 4.5 out of 5 stars with 400 reviews then it will definitely attract users as it will be displayed in top ten results of search engine’s page. Another method to boost up your site CTR percentage is by inserting relevant images displaying below the title of

5) Maintain Quality Content and Use Social Sharing

Content is the king of website. Untill and unless quality content is not maintained optimizing the website with different SEO tools is useless. Whatever optimization techniques you may adopt to optimize but if content is not good no technique will boost up your site ranking. Genuine, trust-worthy and unique content is the main key to boost up website rank and CTR percentage. Content should be plagiarism and spun free. It should be user-friendly with short paras, relevant images, videos etc. Another important thing which should be never ignored by you is social sharing. It is the best way to increase web traffic towards the site and right way to attract more traffic. It helps you to boost up the site ranking along with hike in CTR

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      While uploading content on website often we ignore things like Title, meta description etc.Nice guidelines are given in this article to write title and meta description. Also content must be original and attractive. Until and unless quality content all other efforts to maintain CTR will be ineffective.

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