5 Social Media Campaigns That Touched the Emotional Cord on Father’s Day

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When my father didn’t have my hand…he had my back.
—Linda Poindexter

No words can describe the relationship of a child and a father completely, although this relationship is celebrated every day in our lives but June 18 is the official day dedicated to the person who is regarded as the first love of every girl and every boy’s personal super hero.

Wherever there is celebration, bands leaves no stone unturned to make that day a memory infused with emotions fun and some good deals. They touch the emotional cord every chance they get, to get the maximum engagement of the customers.

Following are some of the best social media marketing campaigns that came in to limelight in 2016 on the occasion of Father’s Day


Bank Bazar.com, A website where you get access to Investment plans, Loans, Credit/Debit Cards and Insurance options by different financial institutions and you can compare them and plan your finances as per your need started a social media marketing campaign on Twitter with #ThankYouDad, #MyDadMyFirstTeacher and # MyDadMySuperhero on June 18, The Father’s Day.

All three #hashtags trended whole day and people re tweeted them with their own tweets sharing memories of good times they had with their father. It was a moment of thanks giving for the people and they came forward enthusiastically to celebrate it.

Bankbazar.com also made a one minute thirty two seconds video showcasing a father son duo enjoying the bone fire with drinks where things leads to son showing his father the one rupee coin he has given him long back and how the son is still holding on to it. This video shows the father’s role in teaching his children about the importance of money and this video ends with emotional lines:

 “Here’s to the man who taught you the first thing about money, happy father’s day from Bank Bazar.com, We too have your best financial interests in our mind”

Bankbazar.com not only used human emotions to get the user engagement in to the content but also used smart creative writing in establishing brand’s philosophy in viewer’s mind.


Father’s day is a day dedicated to the fathers only and it is the day when fathers rule the social media with engaging content in the form of video, tweets, updated but Raymond broke this stereotype. This father’s day Raymond came up an unusual campaign with tag line “Tell your father, how much you love her”.

Raymond’s idea was of celebrating the undying spirit of single mothers who are playing the role of a father with equal efficiency. They started the campaign #salutesinglemothers. They asked people to share their stories about how her single mother raised them facing all the problems and how thankful they are for making them extra strong.

They made a video showing a boy surprising his mother with a gift that says “World’s Best dad”, this video was shared on official social media pages as well as on YouTube and it generated 1.2 million views in three days. This campaign gained lots of engagement from the users because of its unusual approach toward the concept of fatherhood and its intent of giving out the deserving credit to Single mothers.


Motorola came up with the campaign #DadsDayWithMoto. This was the social media campaign which was intended to get involvement of the users on official social media pages so they designed a campaign where people were asked to be involved in a fun activity by making a video impersonating their dad, showing how his father will react on the given situation. People were asked to indulge in an activity most of them must have done at least once in their lifetime so it was the opportunity for them to relive those fun moments.


To maximise the engagement of the users the whole campaign was given the form of a contest where all the uploaded videos were evaluated and a winner was given MotoG4Plus phone.


Culture Machine’s lifestyle channel Blush, as a part of a fund raiser campaign for a good cause shared a story about a man form Maharashtra named Pastor Reji Thomas, who is famous for twenty two HIV+ve children living in his house. These children call him Mr.India. Reji Thomas takes care of those HIV+ve children who are abandoned by their own family due to this disease.

Blush made a short film of about seven minutes where Reji Thomas talks about what make him leave his job and start taking care of such children. It was followed by small interviews of the children who share their experiences of living with him and how their lives have changed for better after Reji Thomas found them.

This short film was shared on official YouTube channel of Blush and till date it has been viewed 39777 times.


This father’s day Pantloon came up with this unique and fun campaign called #FatherAnd Fashion, it was an attempt to engage the user with content while establishing the brand image and philosophy at the same time. The idea revolved around the age old concept of generation gap which reflects in our day to day lives in form of our habits and our fashion sense is one of the most prominent of them.

A video of about 2 minutes was made showcasing fathers with their children talking about fashion and made discussion was around how father used to make their kids dress up when they were young and it all fun and game where they were sharing their life stories about a simple thing.

The topic chosen by the pantaloon was so apt that people find the instant connection with the content and this video shared on official YouTube channel of Pantaloon got 59992 views so far.


Human emotions are one of the strongest reasons to establish a connection among people and brands know this better than anything else. Listed above are some examples where brands used the content rich in emotions to derive maximum engagement with brand and some of them even successfully established their brand philosophy.

Credits: Official YouTube and Social Media Channels

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