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5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Prove To Be Costly On Facebook

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Facebook, the world famous social networking site has changed the scenario of marketing in the present generation. Earlier, Facebook used to be only a tool for interaction, entertainment and an escape from the everyday melancholy life of people. But now its definition has completely changed. Now Facebook has transformed into an obsession for young and old alike. And the fact is that the day begins with a status of “good-morning” on Facebook  and ends with the note of “good night”. This is the magnitude with which Facebook has entered our lives. It has changed the whole mechanism of thinking. Earlier only teenagers were supposed to be on Facebook but now it is the elderly ones that are rapidly adopting Facebook into their lives. The manner in which Facebook has intertwined in our lives makes it ripe to be used as an appropriate marketing tool. But here is the twist that people do not come on Facebook for buying or any transactions; however, people are on Facebook for interactions and conversations. Thus, optimal strategy lies in the beginning conversations with prospective customers, build relationships first and then customers.

Here are a few mistakes that must be avoided at all costs while marketing on Facebook:

Pitching without getting acquainted with customers

First step is getting acquainted with people on Facebook. Directly selling on Facebook is a strict no-no. Build conversations, meaningful interactions, know their needs, their lifestyles, their tastes and decide if the customer needs the product and then proceed with the sales pitch. This will ensure maximum results of sales pitch and even customers won’t term marketing efforts as wasteful and distracting rather they will value it and will be ever ready to embrace new innovations and products.

Offensive posts

There should be no posting of offensive content, pornographic or illegal material on Facebook. This can ruin reputations built for years and can have devastating consequences. No posting of visual or textual content that in any manner might prove to be objectionable to anybody. Besides posting offensive content can lead Facebook to initiate legal action against the marketer. Also it ensures that privacy of people is not embarked upon.

Adding people to large chats

Adding people to large chats without their permission is a strict ‘No’. This will surely and straightly drive people off the track and even lead to un-friending the marketer. Thus, this will distract and irritate the customer and nothing more. If at all, the marketer needs to add people to chat, take requisite permissions, inform them about the subject matter of the chat and if the audience agrees, then go ahead with the group chat.

Being bitter when a prospect does not turn into the customer

The fact remains that not everyone you meet, interact and build a relationship with, is going to become customer. The customer might simply not need the product offered by the marketer and its normal. There’s no need to be sarcastic or bitter about it. The trust is on Facebook and it is the relationships, the trust and the loyalty building that matters and by being rude to your prospective customer on not buying the product offered, is attacking at the root of the relationship which is going to harm the marketer in the long run.

Company image at the cover photo of the marketer

It is one thing to be loyal on the part of the social media marketer towards his company but going to the extent of putting company’s image at the cover page of the Facebook profile of the marketer is going to other extreme. Cover page is intended to be the individual’s space, his personality, his attitude, his desires, his likes and similar things expected to be put on that space. The marketer has his individual persona which may be distinct from his company and its perfectly alright. The marketer as an individual deserves that space and should be used optimally

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