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5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Shunt On The Path Of Success

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Shunt On The Path Of SuccessSocial media, as a popular marketing tool for companies, is very much integrated into an organization. To make any social media marketing effort effective, we need to have a proper strategy and execution plan in place. How well our core business is integrated with our marketing strategy plays an important role in the success rate.

In the case of individual artists and performers, they themselves are brands that must be marketed. It means that, irrespective of our profession and expertise, we need to understand the latest & most effective social media techniques that suits to our line of business and brand to help us achieve our goal. Here are 5 social media marketing tips to streamline our social media activities to become successful:

1. Website optimization

A website is a face of an organization or a performing artist. Large volume of business happens online these days, so it is essential for a business to have a good online presence to create a successful brand and business. The following points are very important to consider when we make a website for our business:

  • Ensure that our website is fully optimized for any mobile device so that visitors can carry out the transactions on our mobile site securely and easily.
  • Our website should be well optimized with top search engines and mobile functionality.
  • Check for the missing links or any navigation issues within the site.
  • Ensure that each page in the website has a unique web address. This would make easier for us to share that specific content on social media channels and make each web page search engine friendly.

2. Enhance presence on Facebook

Facebook has more than 1 billion users and it is one of the best places to connect with people & business. We get wider access to a large section of people for free. We can use this channel as a vehicle for promoting our business and brand.

Set up a business page on Facebook and connect with existing friends & colleagues. Ask them to “Like” the page and share with their Facebook groups. Once we become a member in the relevant network groups, we can start posting content. So, continue to engage with more network groups on Facebook and expand the reach.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Shunt On The Path Of Success

Follow the same content strategy that we use for our website/blog to promote content on Facebook as well. Ensure that we engage with our fans for some time, every day. In social media, it is important to engage with our audience consistently. Provide some interesting content that would be useful to our target audience. We can also use Facebook Ads to promote campaigns, exhibitions, tours and cultural programmes. Many artists use Facebook Ads as an economical way to promote their shows and events to a large number of audiences.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Shunt On The Path Of Success3. Become Active on Twitter

Twitter platform is a fantastic place to promote campaigns and activities to a larger number of audiences for free. Individual professionals use their Twitter accounts to promote their skill and special offers. To ensure our messages are reaching out to the right section of people, we need to use some tool to find people in the field that we wanted to focus.

There are many useful tools and sites available online that would help us to find the right section of people. Listorious is one such site that we can rely upon. Use it to search for people based on a relevant topic and business & follow them. For example, a musician can search for a term “music” and spot prominent tweeters of that particular topic & follow them. This way we could ensure that our messages are reaching to the right section of people. The content that we tweet is also important. We can tweet some of the content that appears on our website, blog, any news relevant to our brand or information related to any important events. Follow the points mentioned below when using Twitter as a marketing tool:

  • Use appropriate hashtags with each tweet to optimize our content for search engines.
  • Use relevant keywords in our content. Find people who use the same keywords and hashtags & follow them.
  • Use social media tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck to set up a running search on specific hashtags or terms. We can use these tools to identify the relevant content and retweet them to engage with people.

4. Enhance presence by continues blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to reach people of all sections irrespective of whether they are active on any social media or not. Use blog content to fuel social media marketing activities and build a good fan base. Include more relevant pictures in our blog along with text content because images attract more audience and more engagement levels.

Share pictures and videos in our blogs that shows how & where that product is being manufactured. Showing up the behind- the- scene work would really help us to engage with our fans. It would let our fans to feel as if they are a part of our team and creation.

5. Use Pinterest Channel effectively

5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Shunt On The Path Of Success

Social media sites that are based on visually oriented contents are gaining more importance in the social media marketing space. Pinterest is one of such leading visually oriented social media sites. Pinterest  is effectively used by many companies in the entertainments, restaurants, media and other sectors where images can be used to promote the product & brand. Many artists share their work on Pinterest  along with Facebook and Twitter network to get better coverage.

Pinterest  is very easy and simple to use. We need to create an account and set up a profile with relevant keywords. Always use keywords that are relevant to our business, product and our business location. We can include our website address along with other relevant information in the profile page so that we get more traffic directed to our website from this link.

Once the account is set up, we can start pinning images shown on our website. To protect the image, add watermark to the pictures that we want to pin. We can also make the link on the picture to be directed to our website page that we want to promote. Make a clear description for each pin that we want to post because these pins would be optimized for search engines based on the descriptions we add. We can include a price in the description of an item so that the pin would get added to the Gift section on Pinterest and give better exposure to the product featured on the pin.

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