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5 Steps For Reviving Your Search Engine Marketing

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Sometimes, do you ever feel as if you are spending a lot of money for your ad campaigns but are not getting relevant results? Lately, have you felt that after having a cutting edge website with the right content, perfect ad copy, attractive photos, your target audiences are not buying anything from you. Then it is the time for you to start reviving your pay per click campaign. To keep delivering continuous results, it’s important to monitor and refine your ad campaign. Maximum results are achieved when you continually test and refine your campaign. Look for signs to make sure your PPC campaign isn’t becoming extinct.

To make certain your SEM campaign follows the right track read these five crucial steps:

1. Eradicate unprofitable keywords: Non- converting keywords that don’t match your ad campaign should be eliminated completely. Keywords that are irrelevant or have no clicks at all should be eliminated. If users are searching for your products and services, they’ll reach out to you more quickly if you’ve selected the correct keywords. Keep adding effective new keywords. Use exact match keyword to eliminate irrelevant traffic and increase your conversion rates.

2. Test your landing page: A perfect landing page should clearly describe what your business is about. Users should find your landing page easy to navigate. Use the A/B test and select the page that will lead to more conversions. Landing pages persuades online users to convert to your ad campaign. Landing pages should be relevant to your keywords; they should highlight your products and services above your competitors. Landing page provides an easy path for users to make purchases, sign up or download free software.

3. Conversion tracking: Track purchases and sales, then how many users signed up for a subscription or newsletter, how much time users spent on your landing page, how many pages have been viewed, track unique views and other types of conversion tracking. Google offers free tracking tool. Conversion tracking will guide you to perform even better than your previous campaign.

4. Targeted ad copy: It is not compulsory to have only a text ad copy, you can create other formats of ads including video ads, mobile ads and image ads. Try any one or more formats in ad groups to see which one performs better.  Your ad copy should be clear and precise to understand. Your headline should focus on what you’re offering, for example: “Garments for men” and your ad copy should read as, buy handmade garments for men, free delivery, shipment on time, Buy now.

5. Focus on Quality score: Quality score is based on your ability to meet the target audience expectations. Based on the relevance of your ad copy, click through rates (CTR), landing page and keywords your scoring is done. The better your score the lesser you have to pay for your search engine marketing ad campaign. It takes time and hard work to improve the score.

Users are always searching for various products and services, and smart advertisers revive their campaigns persistently to keep it performing well. Search engine marketing is a complex undertaking, regardless of how small or large your campaign is there is always a room for expansion and development.

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