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5 Things Transactional Emails Can Secretly Do For You

5 Things Transactional Emails Can Secretly Do For You

Transactional emails are usually communications triggered, based on a customer’s action with a company. Simply put they are the ones that a company sends to its customers when they perform some actions on their portal. So if you are a company, these would be the typical transactional messages you would send:

  • Welcome emails for new customers
  • Order Confirmation on email receipts
  • Shipping and delivery details
  • Order and return status
  • Thank you Emails
  • Account creation and password rest
  • Product feedback and support

Boring, isn’t it? Wait until you see

Here are a few facts that will help you estimate the power these mails possess:

  • Transaction mails show 4 to 8 times higher click rates compared to promotions
  • Welcome emails generate 3 times more orders and revenue per mail compared to regular promotions
  • 64% of consumers say transactional emails are valuable
  • Transactional emails can drive your revenue by more than 33%
  • 39% higher click rates show that customers like welcome emails with live social media links embedded

Now that we know we have so many eyeballs on us, let’s see what these allegedly boring Emails can secretly do in ways you could only imagine!

 1. Who are we and what we do, all at a glance just for you – Introduce and follow

A welcome mail is a great way to make first interaction count. It could be a good opportunity to tell them about you, show them product categories, find out their interest, give your social media links, etc. This can do wonders for customer profiling for future interactions. Having live social media fields or links to your fan page in the welcome mail increase the chances of a customer actually visiting the page and following you.

 2. You have tried our tea, now try some coffee – Sell and Cross sell

Once you know a customer likes a particular kind of products, you can use the transactional emails to cross-sell based on past purchases. Just by recommending products based on past purchases, conversions can significantly improve. The best cross-selling results can be achieved by emails that have dynamic product personalization, offering products specially chosen for each customer.

3. Old and new here we fuse, to make it better your suggestions we use – Feedback and customer profiling

Transactional mails need not be boring just stating the order particulars and confirmation. In fact they should be more carefully and strategically designed. Getting information about customers likes and dislikes will help customer profilng.Once you know what they want to hear about, engaging with them is easy. So while we send them transactional mails, this opportunity can be used to take their feedback on the product and short surveys to understand their needs in detail.

4. You picked us from among those few, here is a gracious thank you – Emotional connect

Appreciation and gratitude will only make you happy. This is exactly what we need to make the customer feel when he purchases something from you. Thank you mails are mostly automatically generated emails thanking the customers for their purchase. Most E-Commerce sites send a boring order confirmation email. But this could be transformed into something more beautiful by thanking the customer in a genuine, human way. This will enhance the emotional connect between the brand and the customer.

5. Staying in touch is our style,we have been missing you for a while  – Engagement and trust

When customers are inactive for some time engagement mails are sent to them. These are not pure promotional mails. They cannot be telling them you haven’t bought something for a while and I need business. It has to simply convey that they are missing new trends and you are missing interacting with them. It doesn’t really take a lot to get them talking again. It could be something as simple as a discount coupon to help them start using your site once again.

Transactional Email Tips

To reap great results from transactional mails make sure the mails are strategically designed also keeping aesthetics in mind. Typography is a powerful tool to set the perception about your products. Its visual appeal psychologically affects your brain and influences your decisions and brand perceptions. So is the case with design. The email should be carefully designed to suit the taste of your customers. A navigation bar with live links in the mail, like the Jabong mail above, can facilitate a few quick clicks, if not immediate sales. This is a smart move, since studies show that navigation bars fetch higher conversions.

It is not only about what you do right but also about what mistakes you avoid. There are few things you should refrain from when it comes to transactional mails. Simple things like not using ‘no-reply’ on your from id helps a lot. When customers see this they are instantly put off. It sends out a message that the brand is insensitive and doesn’t want to hear from them. Also, bear in mind that this is not a promotional mail, so don’t make it one by adding too much promotional content. Transactional mails are supposed to be about the customers and hence should be kept that way. Strategically placing a few elements will help but keep it subtle.

Concluding thoughts

Transactional mails can do wonders for your business in terms of conversion, revenue and customer relations. These are the mails ignored by 90% of the marketers. These mails are easy to personalize as they are customer trigger based. They have huge potential for customized dynamic fields showing products from customers carts or based on their past purchases and preferences. The day marketers realize the power of transactional mails and start utilizing them optimally; their businesses can surely grow leaps and bounds.

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