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5 Tips for Effective Business Blogging to Improve Ranking and Customer Base

5 Tips for Effective Business Blogging to Improve Ranking and Customer Base

When it comes to optimizing a website for better search engine ranking, most SEO experts will advise you to start a blog. A business blog can do wonders for a company as it can bring lots of people to your site and influence them to buy products/services from you. Let’s face the fact, our very own Walnut Solutions, enjoys the benefits of blogging as visitors often ask for services once they read our blog posts.

While there is no denying the fact that blogging is great for SEO, creating a blog that customers will love is not a very simple task. Business blogging is hard work, but when done correctly, you can expect excellent ROI.

So, what can you do to make people fall in love with your blog? Here are some simple rules that you need to follow while writing blog posts and your ranking as well as annual revenue will start moving upward.

Say no to sales messages:

What is your goal? You may want better SERP rank, more traffic, boost the brand value etc. but if you just spread promotional messages, nobody will care to read your articles. People only read when you offer them something they need, not something you want to sell. Instead of acting like a salesman, try to act like a mentor of your potential customers. When you impart sound advice at a regular basis, it helps you win the trust of readers. In order to boost traffic and woo new customers, ask yourself two vital questions.

  • Exactly who will read my blog?
  • How can I help the readers?

When you know the answer of the questions mentioned above, your writing style becomes engaging and personal. Besides, you will also have a clear idea of the specific topics that the readers will enjoy.

So, forget about your company for a couple of hours and think about the readers while writing your next blog. When you stop pitching, you actually start selling.

Corporate tone must be avoided:

People don’t like to interact with a large conglomerate as it feels like communicating with a robot! Avoid passive voice and industry jargons to break the ice between writer and reader. A blog post should not be a statement of facts like a case study. On the contrary, it should be a conversation. Use questions marks and contractions like we’ll, he’s, to engage the readers.

Write a killer headline:

Headlines can help your blog post get a top rank on SERP. Let me explain with an example. Suppose someone wants to develop a site and looking for a web development company, but first he would like to know the web design process. Therefore, he may search for “web design tips” in Google. If you search the same keyword, you will find that most of the links are showing headlines such as “10 web design tips”, “12 steps to perfect web design” etc. So, that means when numbers are used and a certain benefit is promised, a headline grabs attention of readers as well as search engines.

Appealing opening paragraph and encouraging conclusion:

If the first paragraph does not generate curiosity among the potential customers, they will not read a lengthy post. So, how can you write an interesting opening paragraph? Highlight the problem the reader is facing, tell him that he is not the only one, promise him that you will solve his problem and finally assure him that your tips will be easy to implement.

Similarly, the conclusion must inspire the reader to take necessary actions. If he lacks confidence, tell him to take the first step; if he feels that you are asking him to do too many things, remind him that his life will be a lot better once he follows your suggestions.

Email list is a must:

So, your blog posts have impressed the readers. Great! But what if they forget your site URL as they landed on your site from a Google search result? In order to make a first time visitor, regular visitor and finally a customer, you must ask him to sign up for email list. Regular emails help you win the customers’ heart and build a long term relationship. They not only become your customer, but stay loyal to your brand for years to come. Place the email sign up button in the website side bar or below each blog post, and offer something interesting like free e-book or a discount coupon to let them allow you to communicate.

Since quality content is a primary ranking factor, a blog attached with a corporate site can improve SERP ranking significantly. Besides, when people share your blog posts on social media sites, social signals also help Google notice your site. So, stop thinking and start blogging today!

Author Bio:

Lalit Sharma is an SEO consultant who runs an SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal blog.

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    Marketing Consultants of Orlando   /   Reply

    Great and very important points you focused. To build higher rank for your blog, these should be kept in your strategy. Unique contents, killer headings are always the main things that a search engine prefers.

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    Great post with strong message. Thanks

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    great post and good concept. To build higher rank for your blog, these should be kept in your strategy

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    Amazing post. An it also clarify my too many doubts.

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