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5 Tips That Must Be Included In A Robust SEO Strategy

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If you are having a business and you want to steal search engine traffic from your competitors, you should know search engine optimization and how to use it to best to get higher rank in search results. SEO can help your business to get organic traffic to your site. SEO also helps your business to get trust of customers. It’s not black magic, you have to follow SEO strategy to achieve higher rank in search results which is helping your business to gain trust of customers. SO here are the 5 tips that must be included in a robust SEO strategy for your business.

  • All Starts With Keywords:

Over the time new techniques comes into SEO but it’s base which is Keyword will stay forever. It’s the first baby step of any strategy. So to get higher rank for your business, first step that you should take is to find the target keywords. You should get an idea for the battle that you want to fight and keywords are the agenda of that. You have to do research to find those Keywords and it’s worth to spend time on that.

  • Content Is The Key :

Your business site must be composed of the content. And it’s the content that help search engines to index your site. Now you should optimize your sites content keeping keywords in mind. Note that without keywords this is not possible and that’s why we said ‘All Starts With Keywords’. Wherever possible you should try to adjust your content with keywords. Now as we said you should place keywords into your content that does not means you go on and stuff it with keywords only. It should not happen that your content get spammed and search engines discard it.

  • Active Social Media Presence :

Social Media is at boom and if you do not have presence on social media places like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ then it is very hard for your business to survive in the competition. Social media is becoming more important for search engines to index your website at higher position. To keep up with this your business website should have social media sharing buttons. Lastly according to today’s scenario one SEO expert has said “The line between seo and social media continue to be blurred”

  • Build Links :

To get more exposure building links is also one of the important technique. Build links means to get reference from other related website. One should keep in mind that here building links means not from any source but links should be from the quality source. So keep this in mind.

  • Make Channels :

Last tip is to have channels on appropriate sites. The first sub-step of this is to have a Youtube channel as search engines particularly Google loves videos. In Youtube while publishing any video one should use Keywords in video and the the title of it. Apart from Youtube your business can have listings on Craigslist, Pinterest is also a good option as it helps you get indexed higher.

Lastly be consistent with your content and write content for people keeping search engines in mind which is most difficult but you can cover it with your experience over the year. So we hope you will follow the above tips and your business website will see good improvement in ranking.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Is the content key or the ‘key word’? How key word can be an effective tool for Search Engine marketing when there is a growing trend of using visual contents?

    • 5 years ago

      Sneha Nimje   /   Reply

      The content is really good. I read this blog and got to know how important all the 5 points are in SEO strategy. As I am a beginner, I will keep all these points in mind while doing SEO of any website.

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