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5 Tips To Brighten Up Your Email Marketing Prospects

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A lot of people are now resorting to email marketing to further their business prospects but not all are able to achieve the desired results because of some deficiencies in their email marketing strategy.  To help you overcome this problem, the following tips are suggested.

1. Be personal

It is always very fruitful to give an impression to your readers that you are addressing them directly.  This can easily be done by the use of the words like you, yourself and your etc. In other words, you should adopt a conversational and engaging style instead of being too formal.  As your email is read by one person at a time,  it is only proper that you address him directly rather than making your email sound as an address to the multitude.

2. Put enticing subject lines

As the very purpose of using subject line in the email is to compel the recipient to definitely open it, you should take care to use catchy subject lines to achieve this aim.  This way you can ensure a high open rate for your emails. To make your email subject lines attractive enough, you can always rely upon the time-tested items such as gossip, shocking news, offer of freebies or catchy pictures or graphics.

 3. Include image

It will add value to your emails if you also include some image(s) in them.  You will better appreciate this point if you look at the following:

  • Because it evokes interest of your reader  by giving them visual feel of your email text.
  • Because it help in easy understanding of the text by breaking it into parts.
  • Because it gives an impression that you are treating your listed readers also as  friends (since it is the friends who exchange pictures among themselves).

Because  it provides you an opportunity to use a hyperlink to the image in your email, it subtly add to the CTR to that link which you wish your readers should click on. However, you need not worry about the deliverability of your email provided your email  is not consisting of just one very big image.

4. Put your picture or signature

It is always a good strategy to let people see your face so that they can relate to you personally and remember you.  It will also in a way assure them that you are there for any help they may need.  It will be better still if you put your signature.

5. Link to video

Online video has great impact in connecting emotionally with the audience and you are entering into their imagination because they can hear you and see you face to face. It is, therefore, advisable to always attempt to include videos in you emails.However, it needs to be remembered here that it is not possible to embed a video in an email directly but it has to be done with the help of a screenshot by taking a screenshot of the paused video and including it in the email. Then a link be provided to visit the real video on the concerned website.

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