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5 Tips To Make Your Blog Mediocre To Outstanding

5 Tips To Make Your Blog Mediocre To Outstanding

You are slaving away at your blog day and night; you come up with an awesome idea, convert it to a blog, and publish it and then wondering why anybody isn’t reading it. This is because the blog is mediocre. Let us see some ways in which we can make the blog outstanding.

A great blog has few entities like it engages audience, optimizes for the search engines and informs / educates your audience. There is no such thing as “a perfect blog post”. You can enhance quality of your blog which will bring more and more readers to your blog.

Engaging title:

This is first thing that reader sees in your post. First impression is the last impression. It sparks the curiosity of the audience. Looking at the title, audience decides whether to click on the post or not. Test your title and see what resonates most with your audience. Ensure that the content of the blog delivers what the title promise.

Easy to consume content:

Once after engaging title, user has clicked on the post. Now is the time to give quality content.

Create the content that audience wants. Don’t make just it another blog. If you happen to see any news source, you will notice that the paragraphs are short- with only few sentences. This is AP style (Associated Press) writing, which many journalists consider as standard. This style makes reading easier.

Delivering great content means reader will come back for more. Try to use bold/italics font to emphasis a particular word or phrase which will catch eye of the reader. First draft of the blog can be written fast by using headings/subheadings, then go back to each point and expand/ combine sub headings as required. Creating lists is good/ easy tool to organize blog. Ensure that the blog is relevant from top to bottom.

The content should be user-centered. Ask yourself: can the user find the content? Can the user understand the content? Will the user share the content?

Blog is a conversation, write the way you talk. Avoid overuse of jargon and thesaurus.

Have a good understanding of your audience. What type of audience is reader of your blogs? For example: blog for college students is going to be very different as compared to blog for startups.

A blog for a 20 year old will vary from a blog for 60 years old. Keep these nuances in mind.  Ensure that your blog is updated. The readers are attracted to blogs that are updated regularly. Nobody likes to read 1 year old news.

Keep posts long and sentences short:

Now this is bit tricky. Check for yourself how long should your content be. Long (not loooooong!!!) blogs are perceived to be more valuable. They are more likely be bookmarked, shared etc. Google prefers long content. You have to decide, how many words is too many and how many words is too less.

Write short sentences if possible. Scan your sentence, do you find many adjectives, do you find words that don’t add anything to your sentence? Read it aloud. Do you lose breath by end of it? If any of these things happen, you need reduce the sentence length. Do not hit the audience by too many jargon. Keep it short and simple. Word’s thesaurus will pull out words for you but they make blog look pretentious and stilted. In this exercise of keeping the blog long/short, ensure that the quantity does not dictate the quality of your post.

Write a captivating intro and punchy conclusion:

This is to grab the reader’s attention. No one likes ugly posts. Make it visually appealing maybe by adding pictures if possible. You can start with questions, statistics, story etc.

End with a punchy conclusion. Do not boringly summarize the blog. The ending can be a question, call-to-action, reinstating your main point, persuade your reader about opinions.

Tits and bits:

If you are an expert in some field, blog should represent your opinions, not just summary of what others think. Practical examples are powerful; they provide credibility to your blog.

Build Social media following first. Social media platforms are a great way of building audience for your blogs. Do keep social sharing buttons on the blog which will enable them to share your content. This is great way of publicity. Also, encourage people to comment on your blogs. Participate in discussions on Social Media. Keep a checklist ready, once you have written the blog, before clicking on “Publish” check the checklist and make the changes accordingly.

Every blog is different and end result will show it.  With all this hard work gone into creating the blog, click on that “Publish” button happily. There is N number of tips for “near-to-perfect blogging”. I have tried to identify few of them. Do share your experience of writing blogs. What do you think is most important point in the checklist of writing a blog? Feel free to share your comments.

About the blogger: Mrs Harshal Varkhedkar

Harshal is an electronics engineer and  MBA. She owns a computer institute LearnEasy Training in Kothrud, Pune and a budding blogger. She enjoys swimming, yoga, and reading! Learn more on You can connect her on twitter @harshal_LE /

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