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5 Tips While Preparing Your PPC Campaign

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Advertisers using PPC campaigns find tough time looking for the right mix of strategies for their product or service. As a business you would like to maximize your ROI through these campaigns, So what is that right mix?

Here are 5 tips for a successful PPC campaign:-

1. Geo Targeting

When you want to target only certain area for your campaign, use Geo targeting. It is nothing but filtering the large part of audience to a specific area or region. Let’s take an example:-

If you have a local business, let’s say a laundry shop in New Delhi. Now, you cannot afford your PPC campaign to be seen all over India. Here you will target only a specific area in New Delhi, where service can easily be provided.

This is how it looks like –


On the right ride of this search result we see google map with our target location. So now, when someone searches for laundry service in West Delhi, your chances of receiving a call for service go high. Worth it, isn’t it?

2. Manual Bidding

This is a great technique, if you know certain keywords are more profitable than others. It gives you control to set maximum amount on those particular keywords, generating you a greater ROI. This is cost effective as compared to Automatic bidding, when you are new to online advertisement and don’t know which keywords are being searched more than the others. Then you allow the Adword system to take control of your budget for more clicks.

3. Use Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a terrific source for attracting your target audience, doubling your chances for your campaign to stand out, by providing added information related to your business. There are numerous Ad Extensions available in Adword, and once you sign in there are options to edit the same. Some of them are Call Extensions – providing your call back number and a call tab, review extension, a review by a customer shown as a one-liner. There are few others such Seller Rating Extensions, Site Link Extensions and Customer ratings Extensions.

In the following picture, the encircled portion shows a Location Extension.

Ad Extensionp

4. Day Part Campaign

You don’t want your potential customers to click on your ads during odd times such as during late nights or on a weekend. So what do we do?

Another effective technique for a successful PPC campaign is Day Part Campaign, where we can configure settings to schedule ads only during business hours and not waste clicks.

Here is a picture that demonstrate the same –


Source – The Marketing Department (

 5.  Proper Landing Pages

As a user, when you search for a product or a service and then click on an ad with a landing page totally irrelevant of search, it is of no use. So as an advertiser, make sure that there is relevant data on the website related to keyword. The better the user experience, the better is conversion rate.

Key takeaways for website content:

  • Customer oriented and specific.
  • To the point
  • Clear and sharply defined
  • Solution offering
  • search-engine-marketing-training

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    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Excellent video for start-up PPC campaigns. Focusing on the budget could also be an element for preparing a PPC campaign, also having a good call to action and understanding demographics could help. Spending enough time on testing landing page is always the best for high conversion rates.

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