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5 Tools To Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign

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The fundamental principle of internet marketing is Email Marketing. Email Marketing is the most used tool for bloggers to gain more leads whether it is for your Product or brand. While nurturing your leads is the most important task for a long run perspective, here are few daunting tasks which are faced by a beginner.

  • Handling client subscriptions.
  • Managing an auto-responder.
  • Sending out email to your potential customers.
  • Sending out follow up emails.

Here is when the applicability of tools or email marketing software comes in place to enhance your email marketing campaign whether for a blogger or a company which helps them undertake the list of their leads (Email ID’s) without actually having any knowledge about programming and coding.

 So, Here are 5 Tools To Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign for a beginner-


Aweber is an Email marketing software meant for serious marketing campaigns, this tool provides a free 30 day trial with access to all the features such as

  • Sending a news letters in few clicks with the choice of using their templates or template of your own
  • Creating new messages with images (from their vast 6000 images database)
  • Segment your list based on people who read your last email or re-engage people who did not.
  • Subscriber management ,Auto responder follow ups, performance tracking and various analytics.

Being a premium Email Marketing tool which comes with a price, AWeber provides value addition to your business.

Links available at the end of the blog.


Mail Chimp provides various packages in accordance to your subscribers. If you have less than 2000 subscribers, it provides you with 12000 emails per month free of cost without entering any credit/debit card details. The best tool available for beginners to enhance their email marketing campaign without any experience of coding.

With their Free-mium model, they provide features such as-

  • Analytics (A/B testing and reports)
  • Create Email Templates or use existing Email Templates
  • Multi-User Accounts
  • Email Delivery Report
  • RSS-Email
  • Segmentation and much more.

There are various premium features which come with a small price tag. The features include-

  • Automation of Emails
  • Spam Filter Diagnostics
  • Email Client testing
  • Delivery of Email according to time zone etc.

Links available at the end of the blog.

3)Constant Contact

Email marketing software are meant to help you on two key features namely, contact management and email deliverability.

Considering these two parameters Constant contact helps in enhancing your campaign. Contact Management via Constant Contact is easy to handle with a great impact as one can export the list of contacts from Excel, Gmail etc. Constant contact also has a feature where it takes feedback from the recipient who wants to unsubscribe from the list. It also facilitates to integrate with social networking websites (facebook, linked in, twitter etc.) which increases the contact database for your business.

Related to email deliverability, Constant Contact is an amazing software that works with perfect accuracy. You can also schedule an automated email delivery using this software.

Some of the features that constant contact provides are:

  • Tracking results on real time basis.
  • Wider Variety of templates. Can also start your campaign with a blank template.
  • Manually segment list by time zones.
  • Deeper Facebook integration etc.

Links available at the end of the blog.

4)Get Response

Get Response is an email marketing software which is a close competitor to AWeber as it has tools and designs to create a beautiful and attractive newsletter. It is a premium software that offer numerous template designs that gives an opportunity to its users to unlock their creativity in making their own email design.

Some of features that Get Response provides are:

  • Over 1000 Stock images to create an attractive newsletter
  • Landing Page Creator
  • Analytics (A/B testing, Report generation etc.)
  • Auto Responder
  • Form builder and many more such features.

Links available at the end of the blog.

5)Vertical Response

Vertical response provides a Free-mium model which provides limited access. The free plan supports up to 1000 email contact list and can send up to 4000 emails per month with unlimited signup forms and unlimited social followers and posts.

Some of features that Vertical Response provides are:

  • Free Webinars to enhance your email marketing campaign.
  • Adjustable templates for mobile and tablet users.
  • Social media connectivity.
  • Campaign Analytics and reporting.
  • Pay as you go program.
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  • Digital-Marketing

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