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5 Tools To Fight Against The Content Shock In Inbound Marketing

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As a company, you always work hard trying to sell your product or service. You’re also trying to market it as well. If you are trying to promote or sell your product or service in the online open market, you must have also recognized the continuous efforts you have put to stay up to date on the latest changing marketing trends.

You may be searching and learning the social media trends and must be educating yourself on how to promote your brand in the online open market.

Top of all these is what content you want to create for your site, which are the right platforms to distribute it and how to track the details of the data you might be receiving from your site in order to customize your plans and methods.
So firstly what is content shock? Well, it can be defined as:

Content Shock: The rising marketing era defined when exponentially growing volumes of content overlap our limited human ability to consume it.

Here below are some tools to fight against the content shock in inbound marketing:

1. Stick With Your Area Of Niche 

If you already have a very good presence on the web, and are already creating some unique content for a particular set of audience, you are in good profile. It is always important to provide quality rich content to your audience so that they would come back and read your blogs etc.

2. News Jacking

Find some latest trending and happening topics in your related product or service or business field and speak to your viewers/audience and take advantage of everything out of it. These become a huge plus for your business and try relating the current trends with your business.

3. Capitalize On The Social Proof Concept

If everyone else around is doing something – so will your viewers. There are several trends, and other unique ideas out there on the web that you can capitalize on that will make or encourage your audience to try them, just because their fellow audience are doing stuff related to it. Hence try to capitalize on every small point possible and make everything out of it favourable to your business.

4. Try Some Types Of Paid Campaigns

These days’ organic and normal searches on their own are not finding the results they used to earlier. Almost all the popular social platforms in the world had spend out a little cash for their sponsored posts in order to get noticed and heard to gain popularity. For this need not have to neither completely re-arrange your allotted marketing finances, nor do have to spend loads of your bank account to achieve it. Companies or Businesses’ who want to get well familiar on the well-known and populated platforms in the future have to advertise in some or the other way in order to get placed on the feeds. Hence to gain popularity on the web try to spend some minimal amount to get noticed by the audience and thereby this consequently improves your business.

5. Be The Shock

Your audience is usually overloaded with loads of content available on the net, Hence try to choose a path of least struggle. Writing so much related to your target niche area results in a great content so that your audience have no other choice but to read it. Be the one to place your spectators into shock by the content.

Try blogging twice a week, or blog almost every day, or blog atleast twice a day, just be in the business of attracting your audience, therefore to find who blogs best and most.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      ‘News Jacking’ is a good suggestion. In my recent case study, I’ve found the similar tactics used by ADP to increase no of followers and engaging them.

    • 5 years ago

      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Good post Nikhita. The third point is not yet cleared for me, you have mentioned try to invest minimum amount, but where and how to invest its not cleared.

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