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5 Tried And Tested Inbound Marketing Strategies That A Business Must Be Implemented For Success

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Marketing and engaging customers is no longer about sending interruptive messages or annoying calls, but now became asking customers preference and giving them what they want. All this happened because of a new marketing concept, called Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing begins with the premise that many people  switch to the internet for information about products and service before making any purchase. Now, with rapid development across the world with the help of  technological gadgets and information that every customer seeks to buy a best deal,making those companies fall who have not  implemented inbound marketing technique and still using outbound techniques for promoting their business. Following are 5 important strategies, which can convert the business into a success:

1. Defining objective:

While running a business and defining the objectives, make sure they are clear and easily understood. So that when one looks back after a certain time, one can analyse from where you started and now where you stand, which are the areas  you succeeded and which are the areas you failed. With a great marketing plan, marketing objectives provide a way to measure progress for the business.

2. Offer something helpful:

download (1) Offer a download, article, e-book or a guide for the users to engage. Be sure  that there is something that the customer will like and think its a value for  them, else  there is no reason for the customer to visit a website. Do  not spend time  developing something that will not appeal the audience,    otherwise  they will move on.

3. Choose the best channel:

Onemust choose the most appropriate inbound channel which is best for  the ideal customers. There is a need to determine the best channels and best formats that will not only reach target customers, buimagest also provide them value for their time.

4. Nurture Leads with discipline and

Lead nurturing refers to building relationships with sales prospect, whether they come in “ready to buy” or a” not ready to buy category”. 50% of qualified leads are not ready to buy something. With lead nurturing, one can bring those leads through the sales funnel and improve the overall response rate. At different phases of the sales cycle,deliver the content which is appropriate and relevant for the viewers. This helps reduce the feeling of fear and prompt them to be more receptive in their decision making process.

5. Measurement and analysis:

download (2)Once you have your content and SEO(search engine optimization) doing their job, another most important aspect of your inbound marketing activities is measuring how well its working for you. One can see in analytics, what is popular among visitors, then refine the strategy accordingly and  focused on the deificent area.




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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      I think the title needs editing. Instead of “5 Tried And Tested Inbound Marketing Strategies That A Business Must Be Implemented For Success”, it would have been better as “5 Tried And Tested Inbound Marketing Strategies That A Business Must Implement For Success”.

    • 5 years ago

      Ummer   /   Reply

      Covered all the points but I feel some examples were included in each point especially the third point. This particular part is not explaining the channel instead it just mention that choose the best channel. A first time reader ( Someone who has no idea about inbound marketing) will find it difficult understand without examples.

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