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5 Ways Email Marketing Goes Where Traditional Marketing Has Never Been

5 Ways Email Marketing Goes Where Traditional Marketing Has Never Been

Unique & Personalizedemail marketing

Email marketing enables us to be able to create content which is almost tailor-made for the respective customer/prospect/client in a way that traditional marketing has never been able to do, allowing for engagement between brand and customer on a whole new level. Personalization enables the brand to connect with their customers in a way that any other form of advertising etc. simply can’t think of doing.

Not many of us may know that the huge brand or as some might call “The first international Brand” – Coca-Cola had been struggling for the last decade in the US market and the one thing which helped turn it around one year back was personalization .We have all heard of the campaign they came up with which took 250 popular names from all over and placed it on the bottle wrappers it helped stop a world famous brand from becoming irrelevant. And the impact of personalization can be seen in multiple spheres of life in today’s cluttered marketing space.

It has been seen that personalized emails have garnered far more open rates and transaction rates than ones that weren’t – six times more to be exact. Even on mobile marketing, we have seen that a large section of users hasn’t related to the emails they get because it is no way relevant to their interests and hence we see a wide gap coca cola email marketingwaiting to be utilized.

Maximum creative scope while still being Direct

Email marketing with the advancement in technology and aids can be used to create amazing content using high-quality thought-provoking imagery, hundreds of templates with smart anecdotal text copies which push the latest range of clothing or watches to the consumer in lesser time than any other traditional marketing tool while still being more target centric and effective.
Besides that it provides the marketer with unrivalled mobility and a campaign for a new product can be launched from anywhere in the world ,armed with the tools of email marketing he/she can set up, test, improve upon and launch from a remote location with minimum loss of time and resources.

Ability to be tracked

When was the last time you could predict how many people actually read your company’s hoarding at the busy city junction amidst the hundreds of others already hogging the limelight along with it  when was the last time you knew how many people took action to your repetitive and sometimes annoying radio ad .The answer to these questions is a loud resounding “No I didn’t”. But email marketing helps you to track the reach and receptiveness of your target market in a stunning manner .This gives us a look into a statistic that other marketing tools simply couldn’t obtain.

Follow up Ability

It is one of the greatest abilities of email marketing, to follow-up your prospect after a purchase, a page visit or even an enquiry and helping get the consumer more and more acquainted with the brand at every chance it gets. This is an opportunity which when capitalised well can help a premium denim company successfullyemail-marketing-strategy plant the ideas of its new line of jeans in the consumer’s mind even before it is launched, can help a company get rid of excess stock by providing attractive personalized discounts to its select customers. All in all it goes a long way in helping create a relationship between the brand and consumer.

The greatest advantage this gives businesses today is that they can be sure that they still come across as a mature brand due to the current lack of clutter in the email marketing space compared to the other types of media to market your goods on and hence it is applicable to a vast array of brands – from a new brand of sport earphones to age-old automobile royalty like Mercedes Benz while both can accomplish the same goal of displaying their product line and new launches to the same effect.

Scope for improvement

Email Marketing provides marketers of the modern world a chance to improve their existing campaigns with unparalleled pin point accuracy. By click rates of the various ads and engagement trackers eemail marketingverywhere today’s email service providers have helped the marketer to find out which part of the campaign is performing well and get a better pulse on his current target market while at the same time helping to take a note of which part of his campaign is receiving the least attention and hence think of improving on it.This will only help these very marketers to sharpen their skills in their respective spheres of work and get more and more effective with each passing day.

The advantages this provides a marketer  is to become better at his job helping work out the chinks in the marketing plan armour and sharpen the sword of his content to pierce through his target market in a better manner than any of his competitors.

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