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5 Ways To Get Traffic From Google News

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Everyone loves the mega search engine, Google. Google has many features. One of them is Google News, a comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, gathered from sources all over the world by Google. Now you can get numerous clicks to your site from Google News. No, you don’t have to be a journalist for that matter.

Don’t be left behind since smart digital content marketers and bloggers are already utilizing this opportunity to get traffic to their websites. For example, Search Engine Watch showed how this opportunity can be tapped when they increased its average monthly visits with the help of Google News by 329%. This gives us a signal that Google News will not show you love if you don’t feature news.


What is news?

For Google, any newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events is news. This means if you an industry leader and publishing information that would interest your audience on a consistent basis, then that’s a news! According to statistics, Google News directs 6 billion clicks per month to publishers all over the world. 0.0001% of these clicks to your site can do the wonders. Don’t believe? You can calculate to see that.



However, getting your site indexed by the Google News crawler and getting ranked in Google News could be backbreaking. Here is a step-wise approach that can help you get real-time traffic from Google News.

5 ways to get featured in Google news

1. Original news articles are the key

Do not copy. That’s something which you should always keep in your mind. Making sure that your content and stories are unique as well as original. Google loves its readers and this is the reason it does not want to pool the same content. Using accurate statistics and giving credible sources can help you feature on Google News. When you will see Google News homepage, you will notice all the stories up on the page have original content along with credible source. Credibility is really important since Google is a company trusted by millions across the globe. How can Google report a story that is not true?

Having said that, Google also trusts reputable authors and columnists as it knows they don’t copy stories from other sources. Google is concerned with Author Rank. Those who publish original stories over a period of time, they can build ‘rank’ thereby, improving their reputation. Here’s the catch…to get your story featured in Google News, you need to use a co-author who has a high Author Rank. By doing this, you will be bringing authority and credibility to your site. This increases the chances of being crawled by Google News.

2. Headlines with keywords that tell the story

Imagine yourself… There’s a news with a clear headline that gives you a gist of what is there in the article and then there’s another story with an ambiguous headline. Which one will you click? Well, normally it would be the keyword-rich headline that gives you an overview of the story. The headline should be promising enough to the readers and by doing this, you can get your news story picked up by Google.

According to Poynter Institute, headlines should be unadorned and straightforward. Using words that are concise and familiar can do the trick. If you have a good headline, the probability is high that your news story will be picked by Google.

4 tips to write headlines that are newsworthy

I. Avoid repetition of words: Repeating words or keywords in the headline will not suffice the purpose of getting your website or story featured to the Google News. Using keywords in the headline is different from using keywords in the content. For instance, ‘How good content marketing help in making content viral’ is a poor news headline. It is important to avoid repeating words.

II. Active voice: With the help of a news headline, you can quickly demonstrate what is there inside the story. Using passive voice could be boring or discouraging. For instance, use ‘ The car hit Raveena’ instead of ‘Raveena was hit by a car’.

Using active voice can be beneficial as you can tell more in fewer words. You can cut down the unnecessary words in your news headline by using active voice.

III. Use present tense: This is an important aspect when writing a news headline. It doesn’t matter if the story is written is in past tense, the headline should be about the present condition focusing on what is happening right now. That’s the reason we call it a news. Something which tells about past in the headline would not interest people.

IV. Capitalize when needed: Capitalize words that need to be capitalized. Not all words in a news headline are in capital. The basic things to keep in mind are capitalizing the first word and the proper nouns in the headline. Here’s an important point, if you use title case then there is no need to capitalize articles. For example, Google is Ready to Launch a New Algorithm in the Coming Month. Note that the articles are not in caps.

3. Don’t write generic content

Instead of writing evergreen and generic content, you should rather focus on news-related articles. Those who follow Google’s guidelines are added to Google News. So you will have to follow the basic rules set by Google. The first rule is time. If your story gets out time, then it is not of any use. Writing news-related articles on a regular basis is important to be accepted by Google News. Other than Google also has some specific types of content which they prefer over others. So avoid job postings, how-to articles, advice columns, informational content such as stock data and weather forecasts.

If you want to write evergreen content which guarantees organic traffic to your site, Google will reward you with organic results. However, it won’t cater that evergreen article in their Google News.

4. Write 2 News piece per day

You will need to make some tweaks in order to get placed in Google News. Writing at least 2 news-related articles each day can make the needed change. If you are the only author, then it is the time to change because Google News are multiauthored, that is, there are more than just one writer for the website. You can have a look at the author tags of CNN, New York Times, Times of India, and so many other famous news sites. Hire more writers who can give you fresh stories and publish it on time. You could either hire freelance writers or train current writers.

It is important to create an author page on your site which can help the readers to gain knowledge about each writer on your team. When you apply to Google, you will be required to submit the details of each author.

5. Authority to blog

Not every article is news. The context and angle of the story author have covered decides that it is a news or not. Since Google prefers on time and up-to-date content, you need to get Google’s trust that you have followed its guidelines. This can be done by establishing authority with your blog. This can be calculated by the number of user-friendly sites that gives a link to your sites. However, this is not a straightforward task and can take months to happen this.

You should give reference to your story in a natural way when you are building your Author Rank by contributing to other credible sites. It is important to use branded keyword and story headline as anchor text to give a link to your site. The relation is simple. The more authority sites you get links from, the more authorized your blog will be.

An important point to note is that be unique in the writing style. Have a voice of your own and stick to it. This is the only way you can stand out from the rest. If your content is compelling and unique, people will click your headline and visit the site.


Given all the point, you should not be too quick to jump into this. First, create a path on your website or web pages so that Google News spider or bot can easily crawl your fresh stories when they are published. Another important point to keep in mind is the rules of good journalism. Your stories should be honest and as objective as possible. Keeping these points in mind, you increase the probability of getting featured in Google News and increase traffic to your site.

If your News section is not going wow, try these tips and share with us how it worked out for you!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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