5 Ways How Email Marketing Will Always Get Customers

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Why Email Marketing!

Email Marketing is used ever since social media marketing was in the womb of digital marketing we are hearing a lot of social media trends nowadays but earlier there was only one tool Email. No matter where you are in the world it is cost-effective and easier to reach them through Email Marketing campaigns as it makes repeat business affordable for small businesses.

Email marketing reaches those interested in your business’ area of expertise. The information is sent out more like a missile which has to land into the desired location. No matter what you’re selling, it is a way to reach thousands of potential customers directly at a relatively low cost when compared to advertising or other forms of media exposure.

Email marketing has become an essential tool for business ever since the introduction of the Internet to the world, it is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

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It can be more than just text, rich media formats can provide images and give your product or service texture and flavour. In emails, you have the complete attention of the potential customer.

Pop-up ads or other internet advertising often get in the way of what the potential customer is looking at: The content. But with direct email marketing, the advertising is the content. So why email if you have social media marketing?

  • Cost – Email marketing is one of the most low-priced platforms, there are no two ways about it. Whether you do it yourself, or through an email marketing agency, marketing to hundreds of consumers via email is going to cost you very less as compared to other channels of advertising.
  • Success – Emails can be targeted specifically to the ideal consumer. With this concept in mind, along with email cost-effectiveness, it’s no wonder that email marketing’s ROI often blows other direct marketing strategies out of the water – The trick is that you have to get it right!
  • Measurability and Flexibility – With the analytics available today it’s easy to track responses to your emails exactly, in order to work out what parts of your campaign are working and what parts aren’t. With this knowledge, you can then react instantly to modify your campaign strategy if need be.

Here is the trick of Email Marketing that will get customers.

Increase Brand Awareness:

How email marketing can increase your brand awareness

The whole point of any marketing activity is to build brand awareness and encourage consumers to choose your brand to fulfil their needs. Email marketing can be a very effective way to build awareness of your brand, stand apart from your competitors, reach new customers, and complements the lead generation process. When used well, email marketing can communicate industry updates and new products to existing customers as well as those who have actively shown an interest in your brand.

Each email campaign that you send out, your customers are regularly being exposed to your business, keeping you at the forefront of their minds, and not your competition. This also helps with increasing brand awareness. With the simple click of the forward button, your customers can share your deal, offers, and news with their friends and family. Those that do share your emails are brand advocates as they give your email more exposure and credibility.

Email Gets  More Attention:

How Emails can Get  More Attention

Writing email marketing content that grabs your prospects’ attention is a finicky art and Sending bulk emails to a group of contacts may not be enough if you seriously think of increasing your conversion rates. Therefore, what you should remember about is to customize your online communication as accurate as possible. 

 Do Your Research

One of the challenges in writing email marketing content is that you have a different perspective on your product or service and on your industry than your audience. What you find interesting might not be what they find useful or worthwhile. With this in mind, do as much research as you can in the field before you start crafting topics. Knowing what their concerns and interests are lets you write the emails that they want to read, even if they aren’t necessarily the ones that you want to write.

 Effective Subject Line

No matter how good your email content is, you have 75 characters to sell it, at most. Some mobile email readers may only display 40 or so characters. If your subject line doesn’t convince the recipient to read the email, your content is, by default, ineffective. The best subject lines avoid cliched words like “free” or “act now” while also using words like “achieve,” “improve” or “learn” that motivate the reader. If you can also provide a clear summary of what’s in the email while also demonstrating the benefit of reading your email the prospect, you’ll be even better off.


Use the same names, fonts and language style. If you start messing up with the style that your readers are used to, it may lead to confusion. Make your recipients know from the first sight that they receive e-mails from you.

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Get Personal

email marketing

While researching the general market is a part of personalizing your email marketing content, you can also go further. Identifying the particular interests of the group to whom you’re emailing can help you write a more effective message. At the same time, using the personalization tools built into some email systems allows you to insert a reader’s name or information on their past purchases into the message, making it even more personal and compelling.

Email marketing enables you to get personal with every customer, especially when you segment your lists properly i.e. a buyers list or a prospect list.

Unlike Daily Deal sites that blast you with emails and offers from merchants, you have no interest in (think a male receiving an offer for a bikini wax), here at Swipii we send carefully segmented emails so customers only get deals that they would be interested in from merchants they know, like and trust.

This level of segmentation is essential for a successful email marketing campaign as it allows you to personally thank your most loyal customers with special offers exclusive to them.

Audience segmentation

Once you’ve collected your data, the next step is to break out your audience and create segments based on browsing behaviour and purchasing intent. These segments will help you craft an email marketing strategy that ensures the most appropriate ads are served to each of your customers. Here are a few ideas that you can use to segment your email addresses for retargeting campaigns:

  • Site abandonment – This segment includes email addresses of people who visited your homepage, but left without navigating to any other area of your site.
  • Cart & sign-up page abandonment – This segment consists of visitors who made it to a conversion page. This will include users who made it to things like a shopping cart or trial account landing pages but didn’t convert.
  • Loyalty – This segment focuses on growing the lifetime value of your customers and will include email addresses of users who have already completed a purchase on your site.

Building Customer Relationships

Did you know, email marketing is more effective than social media at building and fostering relationships with customers? You can do this through a drip campaign, wherein you periodically send out useful information to help customers better utilize your products, information on how to contact customer support, and tantalizing glimpses of what new products are on the horizon. Over time you can build trust and brand loyalty so that when the customer is ready to purchase again, they’ll be more responsive to one of your call to actions.

Wrap up

While emails are incredibly effective, customers will always have a need for email announcements, newsletters, and other lifecycle marketing programs. Retargeting is a complementary add-on that delivers highly targeted emails triggered by real-time customer browsing behaviour and acts as a performance booster overall.

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