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5 Ways Of Increasing The Traffic To Your Website Through SMM

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Are you a blogger who loves to write movie reviews, or cooking tips, yoga tips or some other specific article ? And looking for some tools or tips which can bring masses to your website? Well, you are at the right place.

When you write up content on your website, you definitely expect people to visit and read your blog and share their views on the topic.

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and grow audiences for your websites. Well, the best part is its free of cost!

Here are some of the ways via which you can increase traffic on your websites :

  • Write for users: The most important tip is write for the audience visiting, so that they can also enjoy reading it. Don’t attempt to dupe them by placing unnecessary ads on your website which hovers frequently. Conceive it as this irritates the people reading your web blog.
  • Follow button: Create a page of your blog / website on social media platforms like Facebook and link it with the same so that whenever you write something, it gets automatically uploaded to your Facebook page, and then you can immediately reach out millions of masses on Facebook.
  • Share button: Add share button on Social Media Platforms. If someone likes your blog post and he want to share this up with his mates, he can do so using the share button. By this, chain of readers is setting up for you.
  • Leverage widgets: There are numerous of widgets offered by social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. Do add them on your sites. These are some neat tools to score your website look interactive and easy sharing.
  • Interactive blog: Make your blog / site more interactive by adding comments widgets so people can comment their feedback or can share their views on that particular issue.

Well, every professional blogger should go through the aforementioned points. If you are a newcomer in this arena, then these are the must deploy tools for you before you start circulating the word out for your web log.

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    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Interesting read. There are increasing number of social media sites for every type of businesses to market themselves. Example: A chef can write up a blog, a designer can post pictures to share on Facebook, Pin on Pinterest, Hastag on Instagram, etc; an online learning site can write an e-learning article on a blog or on LinkedIn. Therefore, there are en number of sites with different widgets, which can be useful for a company who wants to do an online business.

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