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5 Ways To Boost Your Web Page Search Rank In Google

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Have you ever wondered about the commonalities among the web pages that are positioned among the top search engine result pages by Google? Well, there are certain factors which distinguish the web pages with higher rank from the ones with lower rank. The following tips, which keep these ranking factors in mind, can help you to boost your web page search rank in Google:-

1)  Create Social Media Buzz – The top Google searches usually show higher social buzz. The more a brand is talked about at different social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., the higher is its search relevance, leading to a higher quality score and hence, better search ranking in Google search engine. The correlation between the popularity of a web page at different social media channels and their Google ranking is as shown below:-



Thus, creating buzz on Google+ through more visits to your page and shares promise an improved ranking on Google. Similarly, being active on Facebook through good posts, likes and shares can also help in improving your web page ranking.

2) Development of Back-links – Back-links are incoming links to a website from another web page. Back-links are one of the most important factors to determine a website’s search engine ranking, importance and popularity. Suppose that there is a website ‘A’ which is back linked by a website ‘B’, then Google treats it as a vote of trust in favor of Website ‘A’ by website ‘B’. The greater, the number of Back-links for a website, the larger is its probability of being shown up in the Google search results. The correlation between the back links to a website and the Google ranking is depicted below:-



Thus, a website can improve its Google search ranking by creating more and more back-links through blogs, feedback websites, twitter, YouTube channels etc.

3) URL and keyword relevance – URL names and keywords are important factors in keeping a web page relevant to the Google search results. A URL consisting keyword in the title leads to better search ranking of that web page. Apart from that, performance factors like the speed of the opening of the web page is a basic but an absolute requirement for better search rankings. The correlation between the URL and keyword factors, and the Google rankings is shown below:-



4) Generate great Quality content – Quality content comes first and remains a very important basic factor for the web page to appear in the top Google search. The content should be very well written and be relevant to the search query submitted. There should be sufficient number of internal links and appropriate keywords must be present in the body, titles, internal links and external links. The correlation between the different content factors and Google ranking is shown below:-



URL’s with better ranks feature more text as well as keywords on the page and are enriched with additional media like images and videos.

5) On page optimization – Pages from the web should not lack on page optimization. The landing page must be developed well in content and presentation, and right keywords should be utilized to maintain relevance. The nature of business work, name, address and contacts should be mentioned rightly to feature the web page among the top Google searches.

Source – Searchmetrics

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  • There are 3 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Rishab Sharma   /   Reply

      Interesting read. Back links are important but some websites tend to spam your website to rank their site high. So, back links should be managed precisely else Google bot ranks you down.

      And if you talk about social media buzz, it don’t really help to rank you high on Google engine since people often get fake endorsements on social media like fake likes & Google knows it very well, Google does have more than 200 factors which evaluated website.

      More important is to take care of content, post for user, not for personal perspectives or targets.

    • 5 years ago

      Smita   /   Reply

      Very well written. It’s not only about having a quality content for people to visit your site, but it’s also about boosting your site and integrate with all the social networking sites and making the most out of it.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Its a good learning for me. Can you please let me know, if there is any functional dependency between google search and other search engines?

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