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5 Ways To Use Facebook Live Video For Your Business

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Introduction Of Facebook Live Video:

Live videos are real-time video posts on Facebook. Live videos from public figures you follow and your friends will appear in your News Feed. When you’re watching alive video or a video that was live, you can tap or click Subscribe to get notified the next time that Facebook account starts a live broadcast.

#1: Address Web Log Comments

One way to use Facebook Live video for your business is to debate a subject that your audience is inquisitive about. as an example, perhaps you’ve written a web log post on a theme that you simply recognize your readers can have questions on.

Although you’ll be able to answer readers’ comments on your web log, it’s a lot of faster (and additional efficient) to schedule a Facebook Live video session wherever you’ll be able to answer several of their queries promptly. This encourages your fans to tune for the live video session instead of look forward to a replay. It additionally saves you time as a result of you’ll be able to address their queries direct.

If you happen to urge queries months when you’ve revealed your post, you’ll be able to share a replay of your Live video.

#2: Provide an Interior Explore Your Business

You can additionally use Facebook Live video to relinquish fans a under-the-table explore your business and the way you’re employed.

For example, suppose that a number of your followers have an interest in going in your line of labor. you’ll use a Live video session to share your method and educate those that ar probing for this info.

You might additionally specialise in a facet of your business that your audience would have an interest in learning additional regarding.

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#3: Promote Your Upcoming Event

Facebook Live could be a good way to Announce an upcoming event. Once you’ve planned the event, produce a post to let fans understand you’ve got a special announcement to form. Then, share specific details regarding your event on your Live video.

When saying a happening on Live video, make sure to own AN easy-to-remember URL that you simply will share along with your viewers. Post this link within the video comments similarly, just in case viewers don’t have an opportunity to write down it down. Use a tool like Bitly to form a URL that you simply will track.

If you intend to market your event on your different social networks, it’s useful to form a traceable URL for every platform thus you’ll be able to see wherever you’re obtaining your event sign-ups.

You can conjointly use Facebook Live Video to stream a live event. for instance, if you’re attending a conference, you’ll network with speakers and broadcast interviews to your audience to stay them tuned into your Facebook page.

#4: Tease New Product

Another way to use Facebook Live video is to relinquish your fans a sneak peek of your product. as an example, if you only received a cargo of a replacement product, however it’s not nevertheless offered on your web site, you’ll use a Live video to tease it to customers.

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If you utilize this maneuver, take into account providing a link throughout your video to require preorders and maximize the joy from your customers. The Live video conjointly provides you a chance to answer queries from excited customers.

#5: Interact with your Facebook Cluster Members

Do you run a Facebook cluster for your business? perhaps you sell a product that gives client access to a Facebook cluster once they purchase from you. If you run a Facebook cluster and already use live video on your page, increasing it to a gaggle could be a task.

For example, you’ll broadcast live weekly updates that square measure relevant to your cluster
If you utilize a gaggle as AN add-on to a different product you sell, live video could be a good way to answer questions about your product and connect with members.

While you’ll be broadcasting to your Facebook cluster as yourself, this is often a chance to deepen your relationships and for everybody to urge to understand each other higher.

One factor to recollect concerning exploitation live video and teams is that anyone World Health Organization could be a member will post live video to the cluster, therefore you will need to regulate the cluster settings therefore you’ve got to approve all new posts.

Your Turn

With individuals disbursement 3X longer observance live video than native video, live video is much a demand for generating Facebook engagement outside of running Facebook ads.

Keep in mind that you just will use your stock mobile device and electro-acoustic transducer, however think about finance in extra electronic equipment and tools. this will assist you improve the standard of your video and audio therefore the broadcast features a high-quality look and sound, which is able to facilitate keep viewers tuned in.

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