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5 Ways To Use Twitter Lists For Business Marketing

5 Ways To Use Twitter Lists For Business Marketing

What are Twitter Lists?

As an individual or as a business, there are a large number of people you may be following on Twitter. 1000? 10000?

Your Twitter feed is continuously populated by the tweets of all the accounts you follow. Considering that there are an average of 500 million  tweets sent every day, there is a huge information overload! How do you make sure that you engage with the right people? That you don’t miss the opportune industry news in the haystack?

That’s where Twitter Lists come in.

It is a way to organize your twitter feed for the purpose of reading as well as engaging more efficiently on this platform.

Once you create a list, only tweets from people on that list appear in a separate feed for easy access and response.

How To Use Twitter Lists?

There are 2 ways to use lists on Twitter

1. Create your own list:

There are 2 types of lists you can create on Twitter

  1. Public: This type of list can be accessed by all. Anyone can view it and subscribe to it. You can add anyone to a list. Twitter does not protect a person from being added to a particular list.
  2. Private: In this type of list only the person who created the list can view or access it. Also, even the people added to the list are not notified.

2. Subscribe to a public list:

This allows you to follow a lot of individuals without following each of them separately. For example, you can keep track of the latest trends in Social media by following a list of Social Media Experts.

Creating Your First Twitter List

Below is a quick visual guide to creating your first twitter list:

Twitter Lists for business marketing:Creation

5 Ways You Can Use Twitter Lists For Business Marketing

Now that you know how to get started in creating a Twitter List, let’s take a look at some of the ways to use twitter lists for business marketing.

1. Industry News, Trends & Thought Leaders

Create a twitter list of experts in your field, news and magazines to keep abreast with advancements in your industry.  Use these lists to interact with industry leaders, as a retweeting source or to quote in your tweets.

Many such lists may already exist in your field of interest. Hence you can just subscribe to these lists to continually keep up the learning. For example, if you are in the social media space you can subscribe to lists of experts in this space like this one of “social media smarties“.

2. Customer Engagement, Growth & Delight

Create a list with all of your customers. You can create separate lists for your potential customers and your current customers.

Use this lists for varied types of engagement with your customers like responding to customer queries and complaints. Also, use the lists to actively delight your customers with information and content which is really helpful to them. Retweet those loyal customers or tag them on your latest offers.

3. Engage with Employees & Peer Groups

Create a list with all of your employees.

Use this lists for engaging with your employees. You can get an idea of what they are up to in one glance. If their twitter activity is relevant for your business audience or potential customers, it can also be a utilized as a source to retweet.

Encourage employees to use this list for interacting with each other. New employees can access this list to connect with their colleagues.

Also, create a list of all your peers or industry professionals in the same space for easy networking, for example, a list of digital marketing managers from India.

4. Competitors Tracking

Create a list of all of your competitors in one easily accessible list. Using one list you can monitor their activity on this social platform, track their updates, keep abreast of their latest offers, spy on their strategies and see what works for them.
This is where the private feature of twitter lists really comes in handy. You can track all of your competitors without their knowledge.

5. Influencers & your Brand Champions

Create a list of top influencers in your field to connect and build relationships with them. You can also use it to find out the type of content they promote, and their sources, to help you in your content strategy.

Who are your brand champions? They are those people who retweet you, engage with you and quote you the most. Make a list of all these people to connect, give them priority and show them they are valued.

Tools You Can Use

It is impossible to manage effectively all the interactions on the different lists without the help of Twitter List Management tools. Here, I present 2 tools which can be used to do improve your engagement using Twitter Lists for your business.


Hootsuite is a popular social media management platform which supports Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and more. Use this tool to access up to 10 lists in one tab.

Twitter Lists for business marketing using Hootsuite


Tweetdeck is a twitter management dashboard tool which allows you to create columns for your lists, your mentions, likes and multiple timelines so that you can access it all on one screen.

Twitter lists for business marketing using tweetdeck

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