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5 Web Analytics Tips For Effective Traffic Analysis And Quicker Growth

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It is very crucial for any business which has online presence to make use of online Web Analytics data and to interpret what actions are required to make the most out of it. For any business to gain a competitive edge, having a Google Analytics at place will not help but one needs to go deeper while analysing to increase customer engagement and generate leads. For the newbies, when it comes to analysing analytics reports, they do not take full advantage of information contained in reports, or are unaware of how to use it. So, here are some simple though important tips for a user to start with or have a recall of the same:

1Demographic data from analytics is effective for understanding exact target audience: In audience report section of Google Analytics, there is a segment called “Demographics & Interests” which allows owner to look at demographics related to their gender, age, or  area etc. in order to interpret which segment have the best conversion rate. According to the conversion rates, segments should be ranked in order and target specifics, by creating a better targeting criteria.

2. Invest in both time and dollars, keep a keen track of traffic sourceTraffic to a website comes from any medium; for example, it may be direct search, direct URL, other websites as referrals, or through paid or organic search. The most important thing here to understand is traffic cannot come from all of them at same rate. It may possible that organic is yielding highest traffic through paid search in place yielding negligible or zero traffic instantly. Thus, analytics data can help in deciding on which marketing channel to actually invest and which channel helps to save your valuable time even in generating leads.

3. Optimize your site for better device accessing: Look at the areas of interest of target audience for accessing the site i.e. it may be through mobile device or laptop or desktop or may be any other interface device so as to modify it and make it user friendly.

4. Trace out which call to action attracts the most audience’s interest and what is the suitable time for it: Call to action (CTA/CTAs) is nothing but a measure to identify likely conversions. There can be many call to action like Event Tracking, Valuable Insights or Set up a goal but every call to action might not interest the audience. So, when it comes to lead generation one can use in-page analytics to trace which call to action is generating best results.

5. Give importance to bounce rate: Heed attention to bounce rates closely to check whether site is losing its customers or retaining. In simple digital language, bounce rate is leaving or exit rate of users from owner’s website, but it is important that which landing page has the highest and which has the lowest bouncing rates. So pages with high bounce rate, needs attention to customize or enhance or layout changes. It can be any of the remedies which can be decided by analysing Google Analytics data page wise, especially user can look for conversion funnels for better glance.

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