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6 Alternatives For Google Adwords To Redefine Your PPC Campaign

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Google Adword is known to be the best Pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising service that places advertisements with the list of relevant search results. The placement of the advertisement depends on the relevancy of the search query and the same is determined by Google’s proprietary algorithm. Although, Google Adword platform is the most efficient one, it is also the most expensive of the other services or platforms providing this service. Hence, all advertisers may not find it affordable to rely solely on Google for advertising and will therefore, feel the need to go for cheaper alternatives. Another reason to have an alternative to Google Adwords is that one does not get enough traffic from Google. Also, a lot of advertisers find it difficult to accept the terms and conditions of Google to use it for advertising their products or services.

So, let’s have a look at some alternatives to Google Adwords to redefine one’s PPC Campaign:

Yahoo! Bing Network


After Google, Yahoo and Bing are two major search engine platforms. In the USA, they together account for 30% of search traffic. Although, Bing Ads generate less traffic as compared to Google Ads, the main advantages of using them are as follows:

  1. They provide great support service. With Bing, one can speak to their customer service agents who provide valuable tips for solving queries. With Google, one needs to work with the automated reply templates and the advertisers do not get human attention for solving queries.
  2. The price for Bing Ads is lower as compared to Google Ads. This is an important factor as one needs to take into account the ROI, basis of conversions/acquisitions. If the cost to advertise does not give a good yield in terms of conversions and hence revenue, then it eventually becomes a sunk cost. In such cases, using Bing Ads can be a beneficial option.
  3. One can get high quality traffic at a cheaper cost. Here, although the traffic might be low in terms of quantity, the quality of traffic is high and comparison to that of Google.


It is a large network which can be used to spread awareness of your business by placing the ad banners on various relevant sites. They claim to have a very large reach with over 6 billion ad impressions every month. It is a very effective and transparent tool to gain visibility on highly viewed websites on the internet.

For example, any product looking at entering into an established market to gain strong foothold, will first need to be highly visible on various relevant websites on the internet at frequent intervals. In such cases, this network can play a key role in generating the desired result.

 3) Adroll


Adroll is a re-targeting platform which provides advertisers option to re-target their products across the internet. It also has its own Ad network like Google. It also supports Google Adwords. They also provide access to Filmbox (FBX) which is a proprietary file format providing interoperability between digital content applications.

 4) Infolinks


Infolinks, another online advertising platform, having a range of products for advertisers and publishers as an effective alternative to Google Adwords. They are unique in terms of being able to overcome banner blindness, a phenomenon wherein it is observed that the visitors to a website tend to consciously or sub-consciously ignore the banners on the website. Hence, they tend to not notice the banners which are meant to generate leads. Infolinks uses in- text advertising to generate leads. Their product portfolio comprises of inframe, insearch, intag and intex.

5) DNTX.comdntx is a real-time direct traffic navigation platform which leads to accurate audience targeting, resulting in high conversions at a price much cheaper that Google Adwords. This is done by the system which targets viewers who know the exact URL of a site which they have visited before. Hence, this ensures very high user conversions, since the viewer is very likely to be interested in the product.

For example, if a user types a domain name, say in the browser, redirects it directly to the landing page of the website or the offer page of the advertiser interested in selling weight loss products. Payment for the same is made by the advertiser on a Pay-Per-Redirect (PPR) model. We can see that there is no requirement of any ad space. Here, we can see that the viewer is very likely to buy the product on the website and lead to revenue generation.

twitter 6) Sponsored Tweets

These are Twitter tweets which are procured by advertisers at a cost. With this they intend to reach out to a target audience basis their profile and followers. The advertisement tweet is placed on Twitter and can be retweeted, replied to, favourite like any other normal tweet and hence is very transparent in nature. This form of advertising has very high engagement levels and can drive website traffic when the users click on the content. This mode of advertising also helps in increasing awareness of a product or for invoking brand recall. The sponsored tweets are seen at the top of relevant search result pages on Twitter.

For example, if a company selling Ayurvedic products is willing to advertise its products on Twitter, it can do so by using Sponsored Tweets. It can be done by paying for tweets to a community on Twitter, say Baba Ramdev’s followers, who are more likely to be interested in buying Ayurvedic products. Here, a large number of audience can be targeted with very high probability of conversions.

Hence, we can see that there are various alternatives to Google Adwords that can be used in order to promote ones business, depending upon the product or service under consideration. Although, using these alternatives may not insure the quality of traffic as that of Google Adwords, but it can still make good business sense if one chooses a good mixture of the various options depending upon the products.

Image Credit: Bing AdsDNTX.comBuySellAdsInfolinks, and Twitter

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