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6 Basic SEO Tips For Assured Visibility On Google

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Visibility on Google page requires lots tricks and tips as its not a one time process. By adopting the below SEO tips will assure your visibility on Google:-


1. Keyword Research & Content

Keywords and quality content play a dominating role in for visibility on Google. Conducting research for the relevant keywords suitable for your business. For this purpose, Google Adward tool can be used. Content should be in relevance with your product, services and recent events. Audience always prefer updated content. Optimization of images and videos to be used in the content is essential.

76c113566f0e335089cba8980343bd752. Google Local

Have your business listed in Google local? Set up Google places for your business and mention physical address, proper category Associations,address, citations, city and state, local area code, maps etc. Get yourself reviewed by customers.

3. Search Engine Friendly Site

Check whether your site is Search Engine and user friendly or not. If a crawlers find difficulty to navigate your pages then that pages will not appear. Avoid flash navigation, frames and  pages based on JavaScript.

4. Incoming link

Incoming link is one of the best means for higher visibility on Google. There are many ways through which one can get the incoming Google-Disavow-Linkslinks:-

  • Use service distribution services like iSnare or the Phantom writers for getting more audience and make lots of links.
  • Create quality content as audience love unique and fresh content.

5. Be searchable!

Create a site map for your Website. Through sitemaps, search engine get to know which pages are crawl-able. Make HTML and XML sitemaps for your business.

a) Sitemap.html
  • Created keeping the user in mind.
  • Allows easy navigation for the user.
b) Sitemap.xml
  • Created keeping in mind the search engines.
  • Stores useful information such as last modification time of the link and crawler revisit time.
  • Helps the search engines to find every page of your Website.

6. Authorship

Google Authorship is very important for website visi4 Trends Prevalent In The World Of Social Media Marketing At Presentbility. It is used to display about the author, link to their Google+ profile and Google+ circle. This helps to improve the quality of search removing the spammers. Thus, Posting of relevant content, interacting with people within your Google+ circles and communities & Guest posting are the 3 main Google author rank tips.

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  • There are 2 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Would you kindly differentiate between ‘Google adwords’ and ‘key word research”?

      • 5 years ago

        Vishal Kataria   /   Reply

        Indrajit, Google ad words are words targeted to place ads on Google. You build 27-35 character text around these words which are run as ads on Google.

        Keyword research is also conducted from the same tool – Google Adsense Keyword Planner. However, keywords are used to create content around them for article which people read (non-advertising).

        So when you publish an ad, it appears first in Google searches, but has the ‘Ad’ mark below it. When you publish content, it appears online as the above article would’ve appeared in search…

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