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6 Email Marketing Tips For Continuous Success

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Emails as a marketing tool has several great advantages like building up brand loyalty, generating leads, establishing good relationship with the customers, increasing the traffic to your web page, boosting the sales etc. It can make or break your business based upon how you are putting this wonderful marketing channel to use. To be successful in engaging with your customers, it is of utmost importance that we respect the privacy of the customers (Permission based marketing). Apart from the privacy, there are several other measures that need to taken care in email marketing. Below are 6 email marketing tips for continuous success.

  • Always Include A Call To Action (CTA) In Your Emails

An email newsletter with a wonderful subject line,a great content and catchy images doesn’t make an impact if it lacks a CTA. It will be a mere waste of time for the marketer if the CTA is not mentioned explicitly in the email. The ultimate objective of any email should be to engage the audience & converting them to our loyal customers which in turn boost our revenue. It’s always best to include at least 2 CTA per email which can engage your audience.

  • Test Different Combinations In Your Marketing Emails

This is another major action point which marketer need to practice consistently in order to gain a competitive edge. Try different combinations in your email viz. changes in subject  lines, pictures, content etc. Also try different colour backgrounds in the email template as well CTA button links. This prove what the audience like best and prove beneficial for the customers.

  • Update Your Email List

Always make sure that  your email list is up-to-date.Keep track of emails which doesn’t respond to the CTA and which bounces back after every email campaign. This ensures that your emails are delivered and can make room for new prospective customers in your database.

  • Avoid Getting Caught In The Spam Filters

Its mandatory that your emails should avoid spam filters. The major factors that needs to be considered to are :

    1. Avoid using all uppercase letters in your subject lines or the content of the emails
    2. Don’t use spam triggering words like “Free”, “Cash bonus”, “Once in a life opportunity” etc in your subject lines or content
    3. Design well your HTML emails
  • Review Your Email Analytic Metrics

Once an email campaign is launched it is essential that the open rates, Click through rates(CTR), bounce rates, conversion rates etc be reviewed consistently since this can provide valuable insights into which email combination provided the best results. Also database segmentation can be done based upon these metrics and a better campaign strategy can be adopted next time

  • Learn From Your Competitors

Learning from the competitors’ email marketing techniques is one of the best ways to modify our campaign strategy and deliver better results. Enroll for a email newsletter from your competitors and learn different parts of the email, from the subject line to CTA which makes it stand out and engage with the audience.

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    • 5 years ago

      Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

      Great post John! Thanks for sharing the tips.CTAs do play a crucial role in bringing more conversions.We have see transition in CTAs from the likes of ‘Click here’, ‘Call now’, ‘Get it for free’ etc. to ‘Download the App’. Quite interesting!

    • 5 years ago

      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Nice post John, you have mentioned all the important tips for an effective way of email marketing.

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