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6 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In Near Future

6 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch Out  For In Near Future

With anticipated 6 billion Smartphone users by 2020, the M-commerce would certainly present unprecedented opportunities for businesses around the globe. The ecommerce revolution has already evolved the marketing industry to be more focused on digital marketing. Digital marketing for mobile commerce is yet to be evolved as mobile marketing gains focus of more number of digital markers. Following are the marketing trends which will dominate the mobile commerce industry in near future:6 Mobile marketing trends to watch out for in near future

  • Content Marketing for Mobile

Content marketing on Smartphones would be one step ahead of the internet marketing as it will provide more personalized form of communication. The mobile videos which are created for marketing on Smartphones are gaining traction. The mobile videos delivered through apps are creating maximum engagement as the apps downloaded by users are helping the marketers to identify the preferences of the target audience. The content marketing for mobile would require digital marketers to be focused on developing innovative strategies for mobile phones. The Vine videos and You Tube videos watched through mobile phone have created ample amount of opportunities to design short and effective personalized marketing videos.

  • Location Based Marketing

The Smartphones are loaded with GPS which help in identifying their location. The location based apps which act as aggregators of information about the location of nearest theatres, restaurant, hotels, shop etc based on the current location relayed by user’s smartphone. There are ample amount of opportunities to capitalize by these locations based apps with the growth of wearable gadgets like smartwatches and glasses which will provide information to users based on their location. This means that the digital marketers will have to focus on local seo of their sites and also invest in mobile friendly apps.

  • Mobile App installed ads

Whenever you download an application from the android or iOS market, there are a number of advertisements pre-installed in the app. This is a very effective form of marketing used for a specific target audience. For example a user who is downloading a travel app is shown advertisement related to airline booking or hotel booking. These pre-installed advertisements ensure that they are viewed by the user and create more engagement. The marketers are coming up with innovative ideas to not be intrusive yet showcase their apps in an interesting way.

  • Interactive ads

Another form of ads which are gaining traction is interactive advertisements. These ads which are very much popular due to social media are making users to be actively involved in the ads. The users can on their discretion select a video to watch based on their preference rather than being forced to watch a video. The interactive ads include pop ups, site based ads, display ads and many other forms which are more engaging than traditional advertisement.

  • Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites

The businesses had already started investing in mobile sites as search engines are ranking site which are mobile friendly higher than sites which are not optimized for mobile screen. Now the trends are indicating that businesses are investing on mobile apps and mobile sites to create a differentiation by providing superior user experience design. These mobile apps and mobile sites help in targeting niche audience. The apps and sites for mobile users are designed keeping in mind their demographics and preferences.

  • Utility Apps

The utility apps which help keeping track of our fitness levels, budget or keep us informed about the weather are increasing day by day. These apps are the favourite category of apps for smartphone users which indicate a huge potential for marketers to pitch their offerings using utility apps. The markets are using in app ads and purchases to earn revenue from these utility apps. As the wearable gadgets are adopted by more number of users, the marketers can make use of these utility apps to facilitate effective marketing.

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