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6 PPC Tips To Increase The CTR In Your Next SEM Campaign

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download (1)Google Adwords is known to be the best PPC online advertising service that places advertisements with the list of search results. The placement of the advertisement depends on the relevancy of the search query and is determined by Google’s proprietary algorithm. Although, Google Adwords platform is the most efficient one, it is also the most expensive of the other services or platforms providing this service. Hence, it is important to know how one can judiciously use the budget allocated to advertise using Google Ad words. Google, in its algorithm to calculate quality of ads uses something known as the Quality Score of the Ad. This score is used to determine the rank of the advertisement in the search result and the final applicable bid value. The Click Through Rate (CTR) is directly proportional to a high Quality Score. That is, the higher the quality score, the higher is the CTR and vice versa. This means that a large number of people using these keywords are getting directed to the content, which also means that the content is relevant and the users are satisfied with the information provided on the landing page. In this manner, with more and more people accessing the content, the CTR will increase.

Further below, we shall look at a few tips to increase the CTR:

Monitor And Track Your CTR Status – Daily or Weekly

Monitoring the performance of one’s ad campaign is the most important aspect of advertising on Google. It is also important to track the performance of your keywords. Hence, to track which keyword has achieved maximum CTR and which keyword has a low CTR should be monitored on a regular basis. The keywords which have underperformed should be removed and replaced with new keywords. Also, the bid amount assigned to these keywords need to be checked and altered in order to maximum the outcome.

downloadKeyword Targeting To Increase CTR

There are a few common mistakes that people generally make while choosing keywords. They generally end up choosing good keywords or keywords which are common in the industry or the ones which get the most traffic. Hence, one should spend sufficient time in targeting the right set of keywords. A few tips to keep in mind are as follows:

  • If one chooses good keywords, it is most likely already in use by the competition also. Hence, by choosing keywords which are very straightforward will not give the desired result.
  • Choosing keywords which are common in the industry may not yield good result. The reason is, not everyone would be familiar with the industry terminology or jargon and hence wouldn’t use these terms in any searches. A lay man would use simple terms in his searches. This is bound to lead to loss of traffic and hence, it is important to think of keywords from the customer’s point of view.
  • Another common mistake made is choosing keywords which get more traffic. This generally happens when one uses a keyword tool to get a list of most used keywords for a particular search. It is very obvious that the reason these keywords are bringing traffic is because the same is being used by the competition and hence are highly competitive in nature. Using these keywords will be of no use and will lead to failure of the campaign.

Bid On Branded Terms and Raise Your Bid To Increase CTR

After one is done setting up the campaign, it should be run for a few hours to check the performance of the same. One should look for the position of the advertisement achieved, basis the campaign settings. If the position of the advertisement is below 1, then one needs to revise the bid amount on the keywords. One might need to bid a higher amount on the keyword in order to get a higher position. One should keep in mind to recheck this figure by inserting the main keyword in the Google search box. It is sometimes noted that, there is a discrepancy in the result given by Google and where the advertisement is actually displayed.

In addition to regular monitoring of one’s ad campaign, it is also vital to check its default settings. If one does not do this and forgets about the campaign on default settings, there is a very high probability that the competitor can outbid you and come on top of the list. Hence, it is very crucial to constantly monitor the advertisements and in case the competitor has outbid you, then you need to raise the bid amount to outbid your competitor. The keywords which have under-performed should be removed and replaced with new keywords. Also, the bid amount assigned to these keywords need to be checked and altered in order to maximum the outcome.

Use Different Ad Formats To Increase CTR

Different ad formats can give different results. For example, use of text ads can lead to higher CTRs and higher CPCs in some cases, while in other an image ad can give good results in terms of CTR. It is crucial to understand what kind of format needs to be selected depending upon the expected outcome.

fatCreate Emotional Ads

It is very crucial to create ads which can connect with the requirements and sentiments of the viewers. That is, an ad can be created in various ways; however, a successful ad will be one which has been created keeping in mind the emotion that will be generated when a viewer views it. The ad in the first place, should be able to attract the viewer’s attention, and once the attention has been sought, it should be able to strike a chord with the viewer and his need.

 Use Negative Keywords To Increase CTR

As discussed above, in addition to using unique keywords to bring traffic to the website, it is also crucial to know and monitor which keywords are bringing in traffic, but not meeting the overall objective of the advertisement. This aspect needs to be kept in mind while setting up any campaign. Negative keywords are strong keywords which help bring in volumes of traffic; however, they may not lead to any conversions. Hence, this also leads to wastage of budget.

To sum it up, one can use various ways to increase the CTR of a SEM campaign. It will be fruitful to understand which factor needs to be addressed in order to get the desired outcome.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Clear understanding of the psychology and pulling the right strings with the emotions of the target audience is very critical for a PPC marketing which will in turn improve the CTR. The interest and the curiosity which a marketer is able to generate will effect the CTR directly. That’s why choosing right mix of words and sensible images can help handle CTR. Good Write-Up.

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