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6 SEO Tips That Will Turbocharge Your Performance On SERPs

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SERPWhenever you type a search term in your favorite search engine, the page shown by the search engine is the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page. Thus, you should have a robust search engine marketing (SEM) strategy which will help you to stay at the top in the search results consistently. It is important to recognize the importance of this page as it will determine ultimately how the searcher will respond and how traffic will flow to your webpage. The SERPs is a valuable internet real estate that is often not given the importance that it deserves. It consists of the “first impression’ for your website or blog and contains what the searcher is looking for. The SERPs should stand out due to its unique nature but also be relevant to the searcher.

Increasing the visibility of your webpage online is a challenging proposition and simply choosing an attractive domain name is not the only solution anymore. You need to go further and use the most advanced tools and tricks that are available to make the most of the first impression advantage that SERPs offer for your webpage. A practical SEO strategy will do wonders for the webpage SERPs. If you want to turbocharge your performance on SERP’s then use the following 6 SEO tips.

1. Keyword selection for turbocharging your performance in the SERPs

The right set of keywords is the key to success in any SEO strategy. Most importantly make a thorough list of all the keywords that are relevant to your webpage. The list should have more than 15-20 keywords to begin with. After you have selected the most probable keywords, shortlist 5-10 keywords based on their importance, competition levels and the relevance to not only your webpage, but also the search engine and visitors. Finally select 3-5 keywords from the shortlist and optimize for them in the content, tags, Meta tags, headers, titles etc.

2. Competitor evaluation for SERPs

If you are trying to rank higher with highly competitive keywords like “iPhone” then you will be crushed by competitors as there are millions of websites that are targeting this keyword. Try not to use commonly used keywords, instead use the keyword planner for researching your keywords and getting to know your market better. Use highly specific keywords like, ” iPhone 6 Plus gold” to get a better performance in SERPs.

3. Local SEO Businesslocal seo SERp

The internet is a worldwide medium and is not constrained by geographical boundaries or locations, targeting local businesses with customized SEO tricks can improve your performance in the SERPs. A local SEO strategy can help you interact with local businesses and help you develop your local online business mindset. This localized SEO can help in marketing your business in both online and offline mediums.

4. Domain name for turbocharging SERPs

A carefully formulated domain name can help boost your SERPs performance and can make a significant impact on the organic traffic. An attractive domain name can get you relevant and targeted visitors and which can have a high chance of increase in conversion rate. For example, if your website is about Indian handicrafts, then the domain name could be something as relevant as This will not only be relevant to what the users are searching for but the search engines will also identify the obvious product/service/information being offered by your website.

5. Trusted reputation

Engaging in spam can destroy your online reputation and credibility permanently and also get your site penalized by algorithms. Avoid posting meaningless spamming messages on blogs and forums. it is recommended to include quality rather than quantity of content, use a reputed web hosting service and do not encourage cheap marketing gimmicks on your website. Avoiding spam altogether is a good SEO practise.

seo and social6. Finally Go Social

Social media is an inexpensive tool to get your webpage noticed by search engines. You can promote, inform and engage your potential customers on the social networking websites. With social media you can easily add a personal touch to the content in real time. Optimize for target keywords on every post on social media but do not overdo it. Increase your website’s SEO with the increasingly popular tool of Social media.

Optimizing your webpages for search engines is a tricky affair due to the complex algorithms and frequent changes to their parameters, but by sticking to the above tried and tested SEO tricks, you can turbocharge your performance on SERPs.

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    • 4 years ago

      Matija from Otroškesobe   /   Reply

      Hmmm, you are right. Many seos explain domain name does now have any impact any more on serp (at least no advantage comparing to other domains). My experience tells me different. Carefully chosen domain name still counts. Thanks.

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