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6 SEO Tips To Earn More Backlinks For Your Site

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Back-links are important for every business as they enhance visibility over the web .Therefore, the businesses are always striving to achieve as many back-links as possible for their websites and the business web pages built on social networking sites. Given below are 6 tips that will help  earn more back-links in a smart and efficient way:


1. Gain Back-links From A High Ranking Website:

Try to gain back-links from the pages that have high ranking in Google search results. If you succeed in getting a back-link from  PR4 and higher sites, then it is an achievement! But, obtaining such links from high ranking pages from a page with rank 2 or 3 are good as well. It is important to avail the opportunities to create back-links from as many ways and places as possible as against not getting any of them at all.

2. Long Back-links Are Good:

Ensure that the back-links to be used are long and stable enough so that they do not get deleted by the post editors/owners and other such authorities. Therefore, one should take care of the links that are pasted as signature links or comments on the blogs as these are first ones in the hate list and get deleted more often.

3. Have Contextual Back-links:

A contextual back-link is a highly powerful link as the reader is more likely to hit on it while reading a text and wants to understand it better. This is a link that appears in the text as a part of the same. The links appearing on the footer or the sidebar are less powerful and more vulnerable to get deleted or overlooked by the readers. Hence, it is a wise idea to capitalize on the back-linking methods which capitalize the contextual links instead of the other types available in the market.

4. Back-links From Trustworthy Sites

Make sure that the back-links on the website are from a site that is authentic and is not an illegal or spam site to avoid any penalty from the search engines. A good quality back-link is the one that appears on a genuine website. The search engines consider the quality of the backlinks and their place of origin to decide whether they should penalize or reward the gaining site.

5. Have back-links on the active sites

It is important and profitable to have back-links on the websites that are active as against those that are dormant. The sites where the content is posted on a regular basis like on weekly or on a daily basis are termed as active sites.  This makes them being searched more often and gets indexed in the search engine results. A back-link form for such websites certainly ensures that the site is being visited by online visitors frequently.

6. Focus On The Right Anchor Text:

The anchor text is a hyperlink to the URL and is based on proper keyword research. The keyword should be included in the anchor text which will take the reader to the URL of the business website. Therefore, increase the page ranking of the same. For instance, if you deal in office furniture in Mexico and focus on the keyword ‘office furniture in Mexico’ then use the same as anchor text of as many back-links as possible to maximize visibility online.

Hence, the secret to the success of your business competitors is revealed now! So, do not waste time and apply these tips immediately. Wish you good luck in trying out these 6 very useful mini-SEO tips for the assured success in your business from now onward.

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