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6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Can Take A Toll On Business Health

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6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Can Take A Toll On Business HealthTraders and business owners understand the importance of social media role in their business and aware of the kind of impact it can make in brand and product promotion. It is quite obvious that these business would make some mistakes in their social media strategies during first few years of their business. However, eventually they learn from their mistakes and formulate the right type of social media marketing strategies suitable for their business type.

We should always thrive to learn from our mistakes or else all our social media activities could impact our business negatively and affect our brand’s reputation in the long run. We need to constantly update our knowledge about the latest social media trends and strategies and apply the appropriate one. Experiment with different ideas and models. Choose the right one that offers the maximum ROI for our business and that should be our motto.

Here are few important social media marketing mistakes that we need to be cautious about:

6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Can Take A Toll On Business Health

  1. Not Engaging With Audience

The primary purpose of using social media channels is to connect with prospective buyers and associates. The biggest mistake that is committed by many companies, including some of the most reputed brands, is that they often use social media channels for one way communication. Most of these companies were seen sending product updates on Facebook and Twitter & not caring about engaging people with their brand. Unless we engage with people, the message that we send out would not make much effect on its audience. Research studies show that the conversion rate is always better when we engage with our prospective buyers and associates. Create an engagement strategy based on our understanding about our brand.

  1. Not Maintaining Consistency In Social Media Interaction

Our brand has its own identity and unique personality. Our voice on social media should be consistent with our brand image. We need to ensure that our audience gets consistent and uniform reply for all their questions & there should be no scope for any type of ambiguity. We need to keep a human touch in all our messages so that they do not sounds like a robot. We need to keep a balance in our communication flow based on our brand persona.

  1. Not Responding To Audience

When companies are more interested in sending out updates on social media channels, they often forget to respond to their audience’s queries. It also matters that how quickly we respond to such questions. We often see that many companies spam on their followers’ feed and do not make any fruitful relationship. It actually creates a negative impact on a brand because people at the receiving end would not even look at such messages as it is often seen as a direct sales pitch. Although all mentions about our brand needs an immediate response, it is important to create trust among customers and make them feel that their voice is heard. Always thank them for their comments and reply to their mentions, appropriately.

  1. Not Providing A Hassle-free Service

Whenever you post an update on Facebook or Google+, use proper links to the right content and right page. Ensure that our links direct to the right page instead of referring them to our homepage or any other pages that are not relevant to the link provided. Our purpose of using social media should be to offer a quick and hassle free services to our customers. The more steps and efforts that our customers need to go through during a sales process, the less likely that they would place an order with us.

  1. Focus On Too Many Channels

6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Can Take A Toll On Business HealthCompanies do make this mistake when they go aggressive with their social media marketing activities. It is good to have a presence on all major social media networks but it is also important that we become more active where our audience receives our message mostly. Not all brands need to be active on Pinterest, Vine or Instagram account. We ought to know where most of our targets are present and then streamline our social media efforts to that direction. We need to ensure that we send out our message to the right people.

Generally, we are expected to be on 3 major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The other social media networks such as Instagram is more popular among people aged between 18 to 44. Similarly, more women expect their favourite brands to be featured on Instagram or Pininterest thank other social media channels. We need to consider the segment audience in each social media channel that we use. Choose channels based on our products/services, nature of business, target audience and social media marketing objectives. We need to optimize our social media content for different channels that we use. Use an editorial calendar to help us plan our content strategy better.

  1. Do Not Understand The Purpose Of Each Social Media Network

Each social media network is unique in its way it works. We cannot have the same kind of messages to be sent out through different channels. We must tweak our content slightly different for each platform. For example, when we send out messages on Twitter, make it very short and simple. Use hashtags and other methods to allow our content to be found by larger section of people. In case of LinkedIn, we need to give more professional touch to our content as our target audience belongs to a different section altogether. Since the audience on Instagram and Pinterest is mostly youngsters, change the content appropriately and make it more casual than that the one we use on LinkedIn network. In short, we need to keep the purpose of each network in our mind whenever we do promotional activities on different social media channels. Use customized messages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels to get better results. Our social media efforts should be constantly updated. We should remain attentive to common social media marketing mistakes and avoid them at every step.

Social media activities are time consuming process. To make it more efficient, we need to use different social media management tools. We can maximize the impact of our social media effort to a greater extend by using these tools. Use only those tools that are appropriate to our business type and objective. Do not focus too much on monitoring and gauging the performance online. Instead, spend more time with audience and engage them into conversations because that matters the most to our brand. Use a tool that can optimize our social media efforts and help us reach our targets.

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