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6 Tips For Creating Interesting Ebooks And Succeed With Inbound Marketing For Your Brand

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ebookGenerating a steady flow of quality leads is the biggest challenge of every marketer. With the right approach, e-books can be an effective marketing tool to promote your product or services. Creating e-books that offer value can help position your business as a thought leader in your organization. Its a great way to go in depth with such topics, which cannot be mentioned or will be too wide for a blog. E-books which are written perfectly and are relevant to your audience can be a great value for them and it will help you to establish your credibility among them. But as with anything else in marketing, the approach and execution has to be right or else the results won’t be in favour. Following are the some 6 important tips to create an interesting e-books and get succeed with inbound marketing:

 1. Attractive title:

Whenever we got to a book store to buy a story book, we quickly scan for the tittles and the tittle which catches our eye, we get them. The same rule applies while you make an e-book for your website. The more interesting your tittle will be, it will attract more number of audience and will be downloaded by them, which can be further turned into leads.

2. Be Creative:

being_creative_409235If you are writing on a topic which is discussed many times, find creative ways to make it different, else it will be lost in the crowd of similar topics. Use your expertise, your thoughts to be different and write what your audiences like, not what you like. E-books are the perfect medium to showcase not only your expertise on a particular topic, but it also creates a positive impact in your audience’s mind to do business with you.


3. Don’t sell

Goal-of-Prospecting-Dont-SellOne of the core principles of inbound marketing is, instead of pitching your products and services, you add value by sharing relevant information, which educate them about your product and services. But many companies make the mistake of putting out e-books, which is full of sales promotion. Remember if your e-book is truly remarkable, it will leave a long lasting impression on your viewers mind.

4. Focus on your audience:

target-audienceIt is difficult to analyse and select topics which will be liked by your audience and will be searched the most. So you need to be very choosy while targeting your audience and their preferences. Your e-books should identify and address the problems, challenges, questions and information gaps, which might our customer have.


5. Write that engages audience:

One of the important thing that should be incorporated while writing  an e-book, is the addition of style, energy and personality. Your copy should be written in very gentle, explainable and act like you are telling some story with it. Some statistics, reports and research work will be an added advantage for your audience. Divide your e-book into chapters, as  general rule use a medium font size and keep your points short and to the point. Be sure to break paragraphs with headings and subheadings, and use lists to make the copier easy to read.

6. Promote your e-book:

Once your e-book is published on your website, don’t forget to promote it. Use social media channels to generate awareness about your e-book. Create a campaign in social sites, that would increase the interest among your audience. Create CTA(Calls To Action) attached to your e-book and other areas in your website. And be sure you have included links on your social websites, to make it easy to tweet, share on LinkedIn, or like on Facebook. The bottom line is, if you want as many prospect customer to download your e-book, you need to look for as many ways to spread the word.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Generally what would be the focus of e-books? How far those are different from conventional books?

    • 5 years ago

      Mayank   /   Reply

      Nice post Rahul. Quite a different post than the conventional one’s. I think the concept of e-books has really catched up quite well. I guess it is increasingly becoming more and more important nowadays for brands to have their e books(services/products/case studies etc.). It also help them to give as freebies in exchange of user’s information apart from being used as a good promotion tool.

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