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6 Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Blog Based Inbound Marketing Campaign

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imagesA blog is all about connecting with your audience. It offers an informal information providing approach, in which customers get to know about your company and learn about your products, achievements and innovations. In the early days, blogs were used to share personal thoughts, but now-a-days it has become a powerful tool of marketing. It has now become a place where you can share your expertise and build credibility with your customers. By publishing content which is liked by your customers makes you not only the leader of your own industry but also allows you to gain faith of your audience who is associated with you or wish to do some business with you. But its not so easy that you have just written a blog and expect that your audience will attract towards it. For that, you need to be creative and consistent both. So, here are the following 6 important tips to enhance performance of your blogs:

1. Identifying your audience:

However, this is overlooked by most of the companies but its one of the most important aspect to look after. Writing something is easy, but the main question is that what you have written, is it understandable to others or not? Is it relevant to your readers or not?. Before you write anything about your content, wait and get a detailed understanding of what you are writing. Keep your customers profile in forefront of your mind and use those details to write in such a way that your message speaks powerfully to your readers.

2. Correct media placement:

There is no doubt that including photos, videos and logos in blog creates a good impression and helps to attract audience, but you should consider that where are you putting them as they should be placed at the most prominent and valuable platform where it can struck eyes of audience.

3. Where to look for:

images (8)Once you know your blog started generating audience, you get a perfect idea, which is the area from where you are generating traffic or leads. Start writing on those topics, because inbound marketing is all about providing what customer wants and  those are the areas where there is a maximum chance of conversions of prospects to customers. Writing on such topics will also save your effort on creating content about any unknown topic. This will be a win-win strategy for audience as well as organization, audience will get what they have been looking for and company will get a prospect out of it.

4. Let your contents shareable:

images (7)Social sharing, re-tweet, email and forward, these functions should be provided to your users. When you post something useful and one of your readers shares, it has the potential to go viral and it creates a lot of exposure for your blog. Therefore your blogs starts doing its own marketing and reaches not only to your known audience but it also reaches to them who were unknown about your product and services. The more number of audience, the more chances of prospects.

5. Do more than just blog:

Write what your customers like, but remember you have to look after your organizations objectives too, which is maximizing its profit. Although you cannot pitch your product directly to your audience, but yes you can put CTA buttons at the end of your blog, giving your audience an opportunity to know further about you or do business with you.

6. Keep track of your numbers:

You never know how far you have to go more, until you don’t know where you are now. So its important to track what you are doing and there are tools available to track your inbound marketing strategy, like Google analytics. With the help of it you can easily segment your customers, who are them and what are those products or services they are looking for. With reports like these you can target your efforts and maximise your profit in an efficient manner.

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