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6 Tools For Effective Drip In Email Marketing

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Inbound marketing is creating a wave in the digital marketing space. We have to accept the fact that, outbound marketing is still working and conversion rate is at par with inbound marketing. The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is, in outbound marketing, we are buying attention by means of doing:

  • Direct paper mail
  • Cold calling
  • Radio and TV ads

In simple terms, throwing ads in the user face is called outbound marketing. In case of outbound marketing we attracting customers by doing:

  • Blogging
  • Generating email opt-in
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing

In simple words, inbound marketing in pulling customers to your landing page or to fill the objective of your strategy. Email marketing is still the king of inbound marketing and the reason is, people check their mail every morning or two times a day at least, practically if your mail is attractive then the conversion rate would be high. So sending an email to your potential customers during morning hours, works well. Following your potential customers is always a difficult task, but in case of email marketing it is quite easy to follow your client or potential customers with drip-in email marketing system.

What is drip-in email marketing?

Drip in email marketing is also known as automated email, lifecycle emails and autoresponders. Even though it has many alias names, the working system is the same. Drip in email system works when an action is triggered or completed. If not a set of emails will be sent to the customers, till they complete the action. The set of emails may depend on the action that is done in the previous email.

Where will a drip in marketing campaign work? Starting from Nurturing Leads to Welcoming a potential customer to your website or product, Onboarding or sending a mail on how to your product, Abandoned Shopping Carts- saying we give some percent of discount that is in your cart, recommending something useful for the customer, renewal email for the product or service purchased, confirmations for the product or service purchased, engagement email to pull the customer back to your landing page or site, unsubscribes-always maintain a good relationship with your unsubscribes too. Remember, unsubscribes can become your customer again.

How to target in drip in email marketing campaign. There are two types of targeting in email marketing, one is action based and another is based on demographics. First, understand your potential customers and then target them to see success in your email marketing campaign.

In this article, five user-friendly drip in email marketing tools have been discussed:

  • Marketo
  • Agile CRM
  • Eloqua
  • Pardot
  • HubSpot 

No one wants to see dozens of mails in a day. Your customers will get frustrated. No avoid this checks your website in real time and sends mail to the potential customers based on their action in your website. The option of sending emails after previous drip is also available in this tool. You can sign-up for their free account and can send 400 emails for 200 people for a month.


With real time personalization and easy tracking, Marketo is for companies who send large amount of emails every day to their potential customers. It is a freemium web app that has a trial version. Marketo’s email designing tool is easy to use with click and drag function gives an upper hand over its competitors. Need of advanced and multi stage drip in marketing you should use Marketo for sure.

Agile CRM:

There are many web apps for big business, what about small business? Agile CRM is the correct and advanced email marketing solution a small company can depend on. The best feature of Agile CRM is the drag and drop workflow, that fixes the complex technique of email marketing strategy. Some other features include, sending tweets and LinkedIn messages to your users. Agile’s timeline is easy to use and it’s easy to set-up.


If you are in the B2B segment, Eloqua by Oracle is the best that you should try. It’s main objective is to improve lead generation and marketing automation. Easy integration to app cloud, just by answering two questions and yes, you have integrated to the cloud, no APIs or anything. If you are into content marketing, the page tags will be really helpful and will give you a logical idea to figure out, what campaigns that your users should receive. Advantage of Eloqua is easy integration with Salesforce and can handle huge database.


Pardot by Salesforce. The 35 plus email templates and  WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) email builder allows you to use the templates as well as build your own design. A Spam analysis and pre-check email tool allows you to see, how will your email look like in different browsers, which helps you to create a design that fits the campaign. You can integrate Google Analytics and Salesforce, API is available for integration with other CRM’s.


The company which created the concept called inbound marketing is HubSpot. If you want to run campaigns based on rules then HubSpot is what you need to try. There are three pricing packages available and choose the best after trying their pricing calculator. The price may be high for small companies, but the output is good. Their user interface is good and you will definitely like it. HubSpot CMS is not bad. Give a try and switch over.

This article clearly explains, what is drip in email marketing, where will a drip in marketing campaign work?, how to target in drip in email marketing campaign and tools for drip in email marketing. Email marketing will always work, if you do it correctly.

The question you have in mind is, will my mail land in inbox, or in spam folder? Well that depends upon many factors that include your ip address, server, and many more. TIP:- There is a way to make sure that your mail lands in inbox, ask your customer to whitelist your mail or ask them to add your mail in the address book, so that you might end the mail going to spam folder.

P.S: All tools won’t work for your email campaign, reason is that you should understand the cost, attraction, offers and database of emails. Do a trial and evaluate the best tool for your company.

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      Email marketing is an effective way of marketing if it is handled properly. It is essential to select proper tools depending upon your business size and requirements.

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