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6 Unique Ways To Increase Click Through Rates For Your Email Campaign

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email campaignDo you feel your email campaign is working well enough for you? Is the number of click through rates feasible for your email campaign? Is it generating the right number of conversions for you?  No? Do you want to increase the click through rate and enhance the level of your email campaign?

Here are 6 unique yet smart ways to increase the click through rate (CTR) for your email campaign:

Focus on your landing page(s)

To ensure higher Click-through-rate (CTR), it is extremely essential to lay emphasis on your landing page(s). This implies that the email marketers should strive to leverage upon the landing page through different keywords and keep on experimenting based on the conversion rates. In a nut shell, a well defined email marketing campaign can successfully result in higher conversion rates and lower cost-per-click (CPC).

The entire purpose of doing the same is to establish a relationship between the ad running and the content of your landing page. This entire process results in reduced bounce rate, thus ensuring high quality score and ad rank.

cost per click

Catchy subject line

The first impression of any email is its subject line. Unless and until the reader finds the subject line to be captivating, there is absolutely no chance of leveraging high click-through-rate (CTR).  So, keep the title short and highlight the point in the mail through which your client will gain information from.

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Use interesting and engaging content & right distribution channel

A statement that is apt in the digital space is –If content is the king, then distribution is the queen. Going by this statement, it is worth noticing that to survive and thrive the cut-throat competition, the right mix of both content and the distribution channel through which you want to target the audience is highly important.

Thus, email marketing campaign should use the right mix of emails, social media platforms etc. to put across the message and generate the desired level of results, which is nothing but higher conversion rate with less cost per click.

Use a responsive design for your website

A recent study indicates that an individual views as many as half of the emails in his/her mobile itself. Thus, in such a situation the email marketer must ensure that the email looks perfect on all types of screens viz. desktop, laptops, smartphones as well as tablets without affecting the right message you want to convey to the targeted audience.

responsive web designKeep a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Call-to-action (CTA) is the crux of your email campaign. The type of call-to-action implemented by you will determine the particular action you want to get from the targeted audience. Call-to-actions vary for different type of email campaigns. Some of the common call-to-actions are: ‘Buy Now’, ‘Click Here’, ‘Register Now’, ‘Sign-up for the newsletter’ etc.

Basically, emphasis must be led on structuring the email such that the call-to-action is highlighted significantly and that to should be easily distinguishable from rest of the content in the mailer.

Call-to-action-with-wordsStop spamming

It is important to realize the fact that sending unwanted mails will result in spamming and will not fetch any result for your email campaign. So, understand that the fact that –do not send emails just for the sake of sending. Rather, ensure that the emails you send are sent to the targeted set of audience have quality content and most importantly it should be relevant to the users.

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