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6 Unique Ways You Can Adopt To Promote A Google+ Hangout

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Conducting a Hangout is one thing and making it a complete success another. A Hangout event can be considered successful only when it brings in relevant leads. This blog discusses 6 ways to promote a Hangout event conducted on Google plus and earn more number of leads successfully.

Sites such as Eventbrite

The websites such as Eventbrite are a predecessor of the social media platform and it is where you can actually find a large number of people who have their eyes set on the upcoming events. Even today there are plethora people who trust this site for finding an event of their interest. Share the information regarding an upcoming Hangout and see an overwhelming response!

Blogging and Guest-blogging

You wish to invite traffic to the Hangout event and you already have appreciable traffic coming to your blog posts. So, why not leverage this traffic further and jot down a blog explaining the main highlights of the Hangout. If this is not possible then do guest blogging at a relevant site and drop a link to your HoA there. This will serve two purposes viz. enhancing the quality of the content and also promoting the HoA in a smart way as people always love to have something extra for the same effort.

YouTube teasers

YouTube videos are good way of letting the interested audience learn what are they going to get in the video. Create a YouTube video and tease the audience with the main highlights of the Hangout. This will engage them on a deeper level as they will be in a position to prepare themselves on the topic if they feel so. Such videos work well in sparking the interest of the audience that doesn’t know about the topic much but has the potential to become your customers in the near future.

Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is for posting pictures that communicate with the audience in an interesting manner. Post the pictures of HoA and enjoy the traffic that comes in the next hangout events that you organise. The profile pictures of the guests or the speakers when they are renowned figures in the industry along with the logos of the company work quite well in making a good impression on the audience which can be encashed later on.

Use Skype

Skype users gain an edge over their competitors in this technology driven world. Skype is a good platform that can help the organiser know if the Hangout event has performed well and what changes should be incorporated so as to succeed in future. So, share the Hangouts with Skype groups and involve them in the event promotion.

Let the website communicate about HoA

The company that regularly does Hangouts on Google+, then there is an option for them to let the reader know about the upcoming events through the email newsletters. The online visitors can simply sign up for the same and receive an email stating the information about the upcoming Hangouts in the recent future.

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